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Often referred to as India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore has become a magnet for some of the world’s most influential tech giants — particularly those working in artificial intelligence. Boasting a tech workforce of about 4.8 million people and a vibrant ecosystem for innovation, the city is a prime spot for AI companies to set up offices. Here are a few worth keeping an eye on.


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Top AI Companies in Bangalore

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Nvidia

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5 Top AI Companies in Bangalore

Google has been on the cutting edge of AI innovation for years, particularly in the realm of smart home devices and navigation. In 2017, the company paved the way for the generative AI space by developing the Transformer neural network architecture — the “T” in OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It also broke ground in conversational AI capabilities with its LaMDA language model, which is the backbone of its Bard chatbot. Google has a research facility in Bangalore, where it researches AI applications in areas like agriculture and health, and works to make large language models more inclusive by incorporating more languages. 

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One of the biggest tech giants in the world, Microsoft has established itself as a frontrunner in the AI space. With AI-driven features embedded in products like Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning, the company is a resource for developers and businesses looking to build, deploy and manage AI applications. It has also folded various conversational and generative AI capabilities into Bing, the second most popular search engine behind Google — thanks largely to its relationship with ChatGPT-maker OpenAI. Microsoft has several offices throughout India, including a large development center in Bangalore.

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At the heart of IBM’s AI endeavors is Watson, a platform that harnesses the power of cognitive computing, natural language processing and machine learning. In the years since the AI assistant won a game of Jeopardy! in 2011, it has been used to streamline a range of industries — from retail to healthcare. Today, the Watson supercomputer is continuing to advance areas like conversational AI and natural language language classification, bringing us one step closer to artificial general intelligence. IBM employs about 130,000 people across India. Both its local headquarters and regional base for its IBM Research – India hub is located in Bangalore, where it explores new applications for artificial intelligence.

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Nvidia started out mostly in the gaming industry, but now it has increasingly moved into the deep learning space, where its high-powered chips are used in everything from self-driving cars to medical imaging equipment. With more than 3,800 total employees in India, Nvidia has four engineering development centers throughout the country, one of which is in Bangalore. 

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Intel is one of the world’s largest producers of semiconductor chips, playing a pivotal role in powering global AI infrastructure through its advanced processors and hardware solutions. It also offers software that helps businesses with AI deployment, particularly edge AI and computer vision. India is Intel’s largest design and engineering center outside of its headquarters in the United States, with more than 14,000 people working on its campuses in Bangalore and Hyderabad. About 90 percent of its Indian workforce is made up of engineers, according to the company, who work in areas like AI, 5G and autonomous systems.

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