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In the last few months, Perplexity AI has been looking to take the fight to the big boys in the world of search engines such as Google and Microsoft. Just a year into its journey, the AI search engine has received a boost courtesy of $73.6 million in series B funding round, bringing its total funding to $100 million. It plans to utilize the funding to enhance its AI-driven search engine capabilities. Apart from the earlier investors, Perplexity won over new ones including NVIDIA, Jeff Bezos, Balaji Srinivasan, Guillermo Rauch and others.


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Perplexity AI: 10 things to know

1. It integrates web indexes with AI models for a seamless user experience. The platform aims to eliminate the need for users to sift through various links, ads, or sponsored posts, offering a conversational experience with precise information.

2. Unlike traditional search engines, Perplexity AI offers a chatbot-like interface that allows users to ask questions in natural language.

3. Perplexity enhances the search experience by allowing users to explore details through relevant sources and citations. Emphasizing accuracy and transparency, the startup aims to replace the tedious process of information retrieval with a more efficient way, promoting accelerated learning and research.

4. It leverages OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 to provide answers to all user queries in its free version.

5. Notably, Perplexity differentiates itself from Google and Microsoft by not displaying links and ads in its results, providing a unique proposition in the competitive landscape.

6. Perplexity has a diverse range of tools, quite like a Swiss Army Knife, and it can suggest solutions to a wide range of questions. This includes simple factual queries to complex conceptual inquiries. And of course, it can engage in a conversation.

7. These same tools can also be deployed for different use-cases and the solutions can be adapted to various situations. It can understand the context and respond accurately.

8. Another highlight that is touted is Perplexity’s desire to ensure reliability. The idea of reliability and trust is married to accuracy to lure users back each and every time. To this is added the amalgamation of AI to provide the best solutions/responses to users’ questions.

9. For users seeking an enhanced experience, Perplexity offers a Pro version priced at $20/month, allowing customization of AI models, including the advanced GPT-4, and Claude-2.

10. With a wide variety of features, Perplexity AI becomes a great option for purposes such as content marketing, business intelligence, academic research, news summarization, educational tools, and more.

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