71% of organizations would pay more for interns with AI experience or skills.

January 8, 2024

  • Several companies hire marketing interns regularly to handle several responsibilities.
  • However, with the proliferation of artificial intelligence in most departments and industries, how will it affect the hiring of marketing interns? GetApp recently conducted a study to find the answers.

Many companies rely on marketing interns to handle various tasks and responsibilities. These internships help businesses hire talented people and provide valuable practical experience for emerging marketing professionals. However, with artificial intelligence (AI) becoming popular and taking over several tasks, the future of marketing interns comes into question.

GetApp recently conducted a study to understand the impact of AI on hiring marketing interns. The following are a few key insights from the study.

SMBs Maintain Demand for Marketing Interns This Year

A major finding from the study was that AI doesn’t seem to be affecting the demand for marketing interns much in 2024. Contrary to AI’s impact on the overall job market, the study found that internship roles would remain stable this year. Among small and medium businesses (SMBs) hiring, coordinating, or working directly with interns, 63% expected to onboard the same number of interns this year as in 2023. Almost 30% expected to hire more. Further, 36% of respondents also believed AI would increase the demand for interns this year, while only 12% thought it would reduce the demand.

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Data Analysis Skills Coupled With AI Is Vital for Marketing Interns This Year

The study also found that more companies seem interested in hiring interns with AI experience as this technology gains more importance. About 42% of respondents said their organization specifically looks for AI skills or experience when planning to onboard an intern. Further, 71% thought their organization would pay more for interns with AI experience or skills. About 77% also agreed that AI has fundamentally changed the qualifications and skills required for marketing interns in the times ahead.

As more companies across business sizes and industries integrate AI, the technology can help interns further their educational development and improve their skills.

According to SMBs, data analysis is considered a highly useful application of AI as it can expedite data processing and interpretation. Regarding marketing tasks where SMBs prefer interns to leverage AI help the most are data analysis (48%), mistake reduction (42%), and improving efficiency or speed of processes and workflows (36%).

The sentiment holds when companies evaluate what AI knowledge and skills they think interns should possess to succeed this year.

AI skills and knowledge marketing interns should possess to thrive in 2024

Source: GetApp’s 2023 AI Impact SurveyOpens a new window

It has become imperative for companies to consider AI skills when hiring interns. Incorporating AI competencies within internship roles will enrich interns’ learning experiences and build the company’s readiness for the future. A few key AI skills to consider when interviewing interns include data analysis, content writing or generation, administrative support, and customer service.

Developing Talent Is a Top Driver to Leverage Internships Among Companies

There are several benefits both companies and interns gain from their relationship. While companies develop and gain valuable talent, interns get real-world experience. In fact, according to the study, developing talent is the top driver to leverage internships among SMBs. It encourages mentorship or leadership development (42%) and serves as a pipeline to recruit new talent (41%). About 40% believed it increased productivity, while 37% believed it provided cost-effective labor.

While having interns is rewarding, it also brings a few challenges. About 50% said finding qualified candidates is a top challenge, while 32% said ensuring a productive and meaningful internship experience was a top challenge. According to 27%, providing supervision and mentorship was a top challenge.

To tackle these challenges, companies should create a structure with clear learning objectives and dedicated mentors.

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SMBs Should Have a Realistic Approach Toward AI

There is a massive allure of AI and its capabilities. However, there is also an argument for SMBs to approach the technology with caution and a realistic vision. For example, 56% believe that AI can realistically perform less than a quarter of marketing-related responsibilities handled by interns. Further, 76% of SMBs prefer offloading work to people rather than software, emphasizing the importance of human relationships and interactions.

There are also a few concerns SMBs have about AI regarding internships. About 50% believed AI could hinder interns’ experiences in their roles. Of them, 51% are worried about AI reducing problem-solving skills, 49% are worried about the technology reducing hands-on learning experience, and 48% are concerned about the technology stifling creativity expression.

To avoid these pitfalls, SMBs should strive to achieve a balance between human capabilities and AI integration. They should also advocate project-based learning as part of internship programs and create tasks that provide practical opportunities and experiences.

AI Can Supplement Internship Programs

Contrary to concerns and beliefs that AI will replace marketing interns, the technology can be a valuable tool to elevate their capabilities without hindering their hands-on learning experience. That said, interns should consider acquiring AI skills to shine in today’s fast-changing and competitive landscape. Simultaneously, companies should leverage internships to cultivate new talent and promote growth-oriented environments. The right balance between technology and human relationships will ensure beneficial experiences for both employers and interns.

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