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The Brownlee brothers – with every Olympic medal between them and so much more – have just unveiled the world’s first conversational AI (artificial intelligence) for multi-sport training.


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They say it marks a significant leap towards intelligently answering triathlon queries.

Alistair is the only triathlete – male or female – to retain an Olympic gold medal, while Jonny now has the full set of gold, silver and bronze.

‘This is only the start’

‘Ask AL’ – as it has been billed – is a cutting-edge AI powered by Alistair and Jonny’s four decades of combined training wisdom. It provides tailored answers to multi-sport questions, directly drawing from the extensive experience of the Brownlee brothers.

Developed at Brownlee Fitness, “Ask AL” is claimed to represent a significant step in technological innovation, offering unmatched, intelligent solutions for triathlon and endurance sports questions.

It’s a large language model tailored to answer any triathlon or endurance-related query based on the Brownlee Brothers’ vast training and racing experience. Both Alistair and Jonny have played integral roles in developing the platform.

Alistair explained: “In the next six months, Brownlee Fitness will unveil advanced versions of ‘Ask AL,’ diving deeper into the growing triathlon training sector.

This is only the start. We have laid out a tech roadmap promising remarkable innovations.

He added: “We believe in making cutting-edge technology accessible to all, and we’re committed to keeping ‘Ask AL’ free for everyone.”


‘Scarily impressed’

And that was echoed by Jonny who said: ”During the development phase, the team rigorously tested ‘Ask AL’ to ensure its reliability and accuracy.

“We were scarily impressed with the final model. Despite our numerous attempts to challenge the system, ‘Ask AL’ consistently delivered accurate and helpful responses”.

You can access and question ‘Ask AL’ yourself by clicking here.

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