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In today’s business, the fusion of conversational brands and the AI revolution is bringing about a transformative shift. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in brand communication has led to the emergence of conversational brands, a fresh era of customer interaction and engagement.


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According to Jinal Dave, Associate Account Director, BC Web Wise, “Brands have to be very relatable and conversational when they speak to the consumers.” She says that the introduction of the WhatsApp channel, providing direct customer engagement, is just one example of how technology is evolving to facilitate more meaningful interactions.

Dave emphasises the role of AI across generations, from students to boomers and millennials. Describing it as a revolutionary force in marketing, she predicts, “AI will continue to reshape the industry and make a big difference in the marketing world.”

As for brand positioning, Dave underscores the importance of relatability and conversational engagement, especially with the advent of AI features like chatbots. The ability to initiate direct and meaningful conversations with customers stands out as a key strategy for brands leveraging AI advancements.

Dave’s advice to the upcoming generation in marketing is simple yet powerful. “Be adaptive, be passionate in what you do, and never stop believing in you,” he says. As technology continues to drive changes in the industry, staying adaptable and passionate will be essential for the next generation of marketers.

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