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In an exciting development, Google has announced the global availability of its conversational AI chatbot called Bard to teenagers in most countries. The company revealed this news on their official blog earlier this week.


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In order to manage their Google account and access Bard, teenagers in these regions need to meet the minimum age requirements, which typically range from 14 to 16 years old. However, for now, Bard can only be accessed in English, although the company plans to add support for other languages in the future.

This announcement comes two months after Google revealed its plans to expand access to its AI-powered search experience, known as SGE, to teenagers who have signed up for the company’s Search Labs.

Google has emphasized in both their posts about Bard and SGE that they continue to prioritize responsibility while enabling the use of generative AI tools by a larger audience. While generative AI offers numerous benefits as a useful tool in various endeavors such as travel planning, event organization, business research, and education, it does come with its limitations for those who are not vigilant.

For instance, the Bard post mentions the susceptibility of generative AI to hallucinations, which occur when larger language models behind AI chatbots generate inaccurate or nonsensical text. When a teenager asks a factual question for the first time, the site will automatically trigger its answer validation feature to help assess whether there is any web content supporting Bard’s response. Additionally, the site will recommend teenagers to regularly use this option, which will soon be triggered automatically every time a new user asks their first factual question, as noted in the blog post.

The field of AI chatbots and generative AI has evolved since OpenAI introduced its ChatGPT service to the public last year. In July, Google, along with Microsoft and two other leading AI companies, launched the Frontier Model Forum, a group dedicated to identifying best practices in AI safety and promoting responsible use.

In their September post, Google stated that it had implemented safety mechanisms into the teenage experience. “Safety protections for SGE are designed to prevent the emergence of inappropriate or harmful content,” the post stated. “For example, we have implemented strong protections when it comes to outputs related to age-restricted or age-gated substances or peer violence, among other issues. And as we collect more feedback, we will continue to improve our approach, working alongside experts to better protect teenagers.”

SGE Search and SGE While You Search can be enabled or disabled from the Google Search Labs page.

In August, Google enhanced its generative search experience in the Google App and later in the Chrome browser. SGE is capable of summarizing web pages and displaying definitions of unfamiliar words.


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