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GoNetZero announced the launch of its new solution, Renewable Energy Navigator Explorer (René), a conversational artificial intelligence platform that gives simplified energy insights via natural language, in a Dec. 8 press release.


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René assists users in making informed decisions by translating large quantities of energy data into simplified actionable insights through natural language processing. Its real-time and global accessibility allows users to have a comprehensive overview of energy assets across operations. The energy data can be generated by asking a query via text message.

René’s goal is to mitigate consequences of knowledge gaps within the industry. A recent GoNetZerosurvey among Asia-based corporations found a lack of knowledge and understanding around decarbonization approaches was among corporates’ top challenges in pursuing net-zero ambitions, with 42% of respondents facing difficulties securing budget approvals for decarbonization initiatives.

To address this problem, René provides easy-to-digest information to elevate understanding and decision-making when managing renewable energy assets. These findings can be used to make informed business decisions by optimizing the performance of energy assets or to justify renewable energy project investments.

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