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Gupshup, the conversational engagement pioneer, today announced the launch of Conversation Cloud, a comprehensive suite of SaaS tools that are set to revolutionize business-to-customer interactions. AI-powered conversations represent the next major paradigm shift in user interfaces after web and app, and the Conversation Cloud provides businesses with the essential tools for customer engagement in this new era.


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Gupshup enables businesses to drive customer acquisition, engagement, commerce, and support, on conversational channels such as WhatsApp, RCS, Instagram, Voice, etc, helping them achieve substantial ROI increase (6-10X).

The Conversation Cloud consists of three key modules, Converse, Advertise, and Communicate, that enable conversational relationship management across the full customer lifecycle.

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Gupshup Converse helps businesses build rich two-way conversational journeys across the customer lifecycle. Business users can leverage advanced no-code tools to configure customer journeys, bot flows, and auto-trigger contextual messages. Interactions across the customer funnel leverage Gupshup Customer360’s unified profiles based on customer attributes and real-time conversational events. Marketers can create granular segments and engage customers better with personalized experiences. The Converse product comes packed with conversational commerce modules such as catalogs, payment integrations, and agent-assist to enable automated or human-assisted commerce.

Converse also includes ACE LLM, Gupshup’s domain-specific large language model to build AI bots that can handle all kinds of natural language queries while operating within safety guardrails appropriate for a business conversation.


“For our 2023 Switch-off campaign, we leveraged WhatsApp in partnership with Gupshup to amplify the message and engage people through a conversational survey. The results have been quite encouraging, helping us not only connect one-on-one with customers but also gain valuable insights. Gupshup has been a great partner and enabler for us to tap into the power of conversational messaging through this innovative campaign. We wish them good luck on the launch of their Conversation Cloud”, said Mayank Prabhakar, Head of Digital Marketing at smartphone maker Vivo’s India office.

Gupshup Advertise enables marketers to acquire, qualify, and convert customers by leveraging Click to WhatsApp and Click to Instagram Ads. This significantly enhances new customer acquisition, and campaign ROI while empowering brands to build their first-party database. Brands leveraging Advertise have seen 60-70% lower cost per qualified lead and 1.6X sign-ups compared to traditional channels.

Gupshup Communicate is a significant step up from traditional CPaaS, and has smart capabilities such as Gen-AI powered automatic message translation, optimized scheduling to maximize open rates, and omnichannel message failover, in addition to its pre-existing capability to send messages across 30+ channels.

“The Conversational Internet is among the biggest trends shaking up the customer experience. It is rapidly digitizing the mobile-first countries in emerging markets. Every business and brand will need new tools to build and manage conversational experiences. Gupshup builds on its reputation for innovation by launching the first such comprehensive platform, the Conversation Cloud, that transforms customer experiences and delivers substantial ROI to businesses”, said Beerud Sheth, Co-founder and CEO of Gupshup.

“Messaging continues to emerge as a leading channel for brands to authentically connect with customers, far and wide. We are excited to see partners like Gupshup further enhancing the tools and solutions that will help brands drive even more value in customer interactions”, said Ravi Garg, Director, Business Messaging, Meta India.


To know more about our Conversation Cloud and why brands should leverage the Conversational Internet, watch this video.

Chat with Guppy, our new Gen AI-powered virtual assistant – Ask him anything about Conversation Cloud and witness Guppy in action!


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