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In 2023, we were blown away with breakthrough chatbot technology like ChatGPT. Today, we wonder what the top technologies will be in 2024. CES 2024 is coming in a few weeks, and we may get a hint. I have already been pre-briefed by several companies about what they will showcase at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Let me share some of that with you here.


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Based on what I hear, this year it will not be focused on one thing. It never is. However, the big story in 2023 was clearly Artificial Intelligence and chatbots. That will continue in 2024. 

However, in 2024 there will be much more. I would look for the top tech in 2024 to include AI like Generative AI, Conversational AI, and wireless services like 5G-Advanced, Private Wireless, FWA and 5G Home Internet.

Generative AI will lead the way at CES 2024

The Consumer Electronics Show says at this year’s CES 2024, the focus will be on three themes. One: access to technology, part of the CTA partnership with the United Nation Human Security for All campaign; two, GenAI; and three, the CTA’s 100-year anniversary.

Think about that. Generative AI may very well be the focus for this year’s show. We will see in coming months if it is the theme for the entire year of 2024.

Other technology will be there as well. Tech that is important to their sector like 5G-A being the next step in 5G wireless evolution. Or private wireless giving enterprise customers the chance to build their own secure private wireless network. Or FWA and 5G home internet letting wireless carriers offer broadband Internet to the home and office without cable. In fact, I believe Conversational AI will start to take off as well.

While these will all be very exciting, important and worthy of their own attention, the focus of this column, like at CES 2024 itself, is Generative AI. 

Generative AI will impact our business and personal lives

Artificial Intelligence continues on its rapid growth track, and Generative AI is next in line. In fact, it will have the most impact on our lives today and going forward. 

One year ago, AI became real to the general public. AI became the word of the day along with Chatbot technology like ChatGPT from OpenAI which is what Microsoft uses, and their competitor Bard and now Gemini from Google, and so many others. 

Over the past year, it has been the focus for investors, workers, executives, competitors and more looking for the next step.

However, while everyone is very excited about the growth potential, most people simply do not fully understand the technology. 

That’s why everyone needs to stay alert and knowledgeable on this topic.

Generative AI, conversational AI and chatbots at CES 2024

So, the trend is clear. It moves forward. Last year we focused on Chatbot tech like ChatGPT. This next year we will focus on what is called Generative AI. Going forward Conversational AI may be next in line. 

Think of AI like a train, with car after car all linked in a long line. And this train will continue going forward.

The development and advancement of AI will continue to speed up as we move forward. Generative AI is a kind of artificial intelligence which goes past what we commonly think of. 

Like with ChatGPT, sometimes what it creates may be accurate and other times it will not be. So, we should not depend on it in critical areas. Not yet anyway. 

The AI growth wave will change fabric of life and reality

AI learns patterns of what is fed into it. The result is that the human mind often will not be able to tell whether something is created by man or computer.

That may mean we will see our favorite actor in films or TV going forward long after they have passed away. Students will increasingly use this technology to not only pass, but with honors. People will be promoted within their company with thoughts that they are smarter than others, and so on. 

As you can imagine, this means there are pros and cons. 

AI is both a curse and a blessing. So, we need to remain both alert and in control going forward and use this technology appropriately. 

Since we already use AI in so many areas of our lives and don’t realize it, it will quickly spread and work its way into all those areas and more. 

AI will have the power to change the very fabric of life as we know it

Generative AI, Conversational AI and Chatbot technology will continue to work their way into assorted technologies. In the communications industry, that means wireless, telecom, IoT, cable TV or pay TV, online, Internet and so much more.

In fact, this technology will continue to move into every aspect of our lives and our society. They will continue to impact all people, companies, governments, technologies and so much more. 

In 2024 we will very likely see Generative AI capture the attention of the public just like Chatbot technology did in 2023. 

And we are still just at the early stages of this AI growth wave.

Every company and technology need to be noticed, seen and heard

That being said, there will be many companies and technologies to keep an eye on. Some will be large, well known, brand name companies. Others will be smaller, lesser-known companies with important technology.

The challenge for every company will be to be seen and heard in a marketplace which is getting very loud and very chaotic.

This will be a key challenge for every company because while every technology needs to be well-known, in a noisy marketplace that can be difficult. 

Helping companies and technologies be seen and heard above the noise

That is why the key question I hear from every competitor is how they can get seen and heard?

It is important that every CEO and CMO understand this ever changing challenge, so they can win. The world is changing. So must their strategies. 

Beyond 2024, I expect AI to continue to grow and expand. This entire industry space moves very rapidly. 

That raises the next question. What is coming next? 

I believe AI will continue to grow within different sub-categories like Chatbot, Generative AI, Conversational AI and more.

Like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, during this chaos we need to remain alert as the world goes through this rapid and substantive metamorphosis.

Whether you are an investor, worker, executive, competitor, or government agency, it is important stay connected, stay alert and stay with the continually changing AI growth wave.

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