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KLaunch, a trailblazer in omni-channel conversational AI, proudly introduces HumanX, a groundbreaking plugin poised to redefine natural human interaction through bot technology.


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This release marks a significant leap forward in the field of enterprise conversational artificial intelligence. In an exclusive interview, Josh Ross, CEO of KLaunch, details the origin and evolution of HumanX, spotlighting its distinctive features that set it apart in the world of AI.

Inception and Vision: Tackling Conversational AI Challenges

“HumanX emerges as a next-generation plugin, enhancing natural human interaction through bot technology and extending the capabilities of KBot Lightning. Enabling natural conversations across diverse communication streams, the plugin deploys interactive AI experiences with specific business data sets.” Ross emphasizes the platform’s “rapid closed environment learning capabilities, persistent data attributes, and its pivotal role in achieving operational savings and maintaining consistent messaging throughout the business ecosystem.”

Persistent and Accurate Data Across All Channels

“HumanX’s exceptional ability to rapidly understand and integrate with your business ecosystem within a secure and encrypted environment emphasizes exclusive data ownership, delivering an instantaneous boost to operational efficiency and proven ROI.” Importantly, KLaunch emphasizes that “with its omni-channel conversational AI, businesses retain complete ownership of their data, ensuring confidentiality and control over sensitive information.”

Key Differentiators

HumanX excels in achieving personalized 1-to-1 communication at scale, seamlessly collecting precise, meaningful, and persistent data from various channels – maintaining continuity throughout the engagement footprint. This proficiency provides a unique advantage in operational cost reduction, data management, and the rapid deployment of effective conversational AI for businesses. Recent advancements underscore its differentiation in the AI landscape, specifically tailored for business needs.

It introduces adaptive micro learning (learning volumes of information within seconds), layering capabilities, and fully vetted integrations across your favourite software platforms. Ross underscores the significance of these differentiators, positioning HumanX as a comprehensive and innovative solution ready for immediate deployment. “In order to effectively utilize other LLMs for your business you have to make significant investments of capital resources, and time to map, code, and build into multiple communication channels, graft persistent data across those channels, have all software integrations formalized, and encapsulate it all into secure and closed environments with encrypted data. The platform can immediately solve business communication challenges at scale and has proven its abilities by producing an average of 28X ROI, recording over 18 MM+ in ROI to date for its clients, and is currently connecting millions of individuals to their interests, communities, and essential services. Ross states, “this technology is revolutionary, and we are laser focused on tangibly solving customer challenges in AI. The rest will take care of itself. It’s not about us, it’s 100% about standing in the gap for organizations across the globe to make their lives easier and their companies more profitable.”

Accelerated Business Integration: From Months to Weeks

One of the standout achievements of HumanX is its unparalleled capability to swiftly understand and integrate with your private business ecosystem (rapid adaptive micro learning). Our advanced technologies have significantly reduced the timeline from months to mere weeks for deploying solutions that yield immediate benefits and ROI. Whether it’s comprehending intricate business processes, adapting to unique workflows, or incorporating tailored AI experiences, HumanX ensures an expedited and seamless integration that accelerates your journey towards enhanced efficiency and innovation. The days of prolonged implementation are behind us, as KLaunch brings you a solution that aligns with the speed of your business aspirations, outcomes, and results.

Key Features & Data Ownership

HumanX focuses on personalization, empowering businesses to tailor the technology to their unique needs. With out-of-the-box omni-channel capabilities, it provides a direct and versatile solution for deploying AI technologies. The closed Large Language Model (LLM) environment ensures exclusive data ownership (your business owns your own data), emphasizing security, encryption, geo-targeting, HIPAA compliance, and more.

Real-World Applications: Empowering Business Ecosystems

HumanX plays a crucial role across diverse business sectors, including customer support, e-commerce, lead generation, employee productivity, training, marketing, sports, data analytics, healthcare, museums, financial services, and travel. It powers conversational streams for personalized interactions, aids in product discovery, engages visitors, streamlines internal processes, and contributes to various industries, ensuring tailored support and enhancing overall experiences.

For businesses seeking innovation and efficiency, HumanX emerges as a compelling choice with pre-vetted software ready to make an immediate impact on your ecosystem.

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About KLaunch

KLaunch, a global leader in communication technology, pioneers omni-channel conversational AI with the KBot Lightning platform. The platform drives personalized, omni-channel conversations, bridging technology and humanity for lasting connections.

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