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Perplexity’s New Integration with Rabbit r1: A Leap in Conversational AI


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Perplexity, a pioneer in conversational AI, has unveiled its latest integration with Rabbit’s revolutionary r1 device, a blend of advanced tech that promises to reshape the landscape of information accessibility and user experience. This alliance brings forth a service devoid of a knowledge cutoff, thereby ensuring live, updated answers to users’ queries, drawing from leading third-party Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-4 and Claude 2.1.

Choosing Your AI

The unique selling proposition of Perplexity lies in its flexibility: users are empowered to choose their AI preference based on specific needs. If accuracy is what they’re after, GPT-4 is the go-to choice, while Claude 2.1 is designed to sound more organic and natural. This feature effectively caters to a wide spectrum of users with varied requirements.

A Breakthrough Gadget

The Rabbit r1 has been hailed as a game-changer in the tech space, attracting substantial pre-order activity. As part of a promotional campaign, the first 100,000 customers are offered a complimentary year of Perplexity Pro, a premium service usually priced at $200 annually. This top-tier subscription brings additional perks such as the ability to upload files.

Integration Details and Skepticism

While the specifics of the integration, including whether it will be a built-in feature or a standalone app, remain under wraps, skepticism has surfaced regarding the practicality of image generation features, given the r1’s compact screen size. However, this uncertainty has not dampened the enthusiasm for pre-orders. The sixth batch of 50,000 units is currently up for grabs, with deliveries set to commence in June 2024 for the US, and the EU and UK schedules to be announced soon.

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