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Data integration and automation company SnapLogic Inc. said today it’s launching GenAI Builder, which it claims is the world’s first no-code generative artificial intelligence application development platform for enterprise applications.


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Available now in preview through the SnapLabs early access program, GenAI Builder is said to be unique in that it’s compatible with legacy mainframe data, modern databases and application programming interfaces. That means it can be used to build conversational AI models and chatbots with enhanced knowledge to transform customer and employee experiences.

It’s no secret that generative AI is expected to have a major impact on global business. A recent study by McKinsey & Co. estimates that the technology could add up to $4.4 trillion in economic value across 63 potential use cases it analyzed.

That’s bigger than the entire gross domestic product of the U.K.’s economy, which registered just $3.1 trillion in 2021. Generative AI’s biggest impact is expected to be in customer interactions, business process automation, conversational business intelligence and information technology acceleration via code generation.

Despite the potential, SnapLogic says, enterprises face some prohibitive obstacles in the adoption of generative AI, including a lack of skilled AI developers, the accuracy of AI’s responses, and concerns about privacy and security.

These are the same obstacles that SnapLogic’s GenAI Builder is designed to overcome. The new platform enables companies to integrate AI with their most valuable business data in a secure way, in order to improve efficiency, accuracy and personalization for every corporate employee.

SnapLogic said its platform supports multiple kinds of data, be it in the cloud or on-premises. As such, it can be used to build accurate tools for critical use cases such as customer support automation, data analysis and reporting, contract and document review, personalized marketing and more. With GenAI Builder, SnapLogic says, it’s enabling every employee to harness the power of large language models.

According to Greg Benson, chief scientist at SnapLogic, GenAI Builder’s no-code interface will transform the time it takes to create an LLM-based application from days or weeks into a matter of hours. “By using natural language prompts to create powerful generative AI solutions while simultaneously connecting disparate data sources, global businesses can save millions and accelerate their LLM projects tenfold,” he said.

SnapLogic is ideally placed to become a player in generative AI application development, as its flagship product is a cloud-based data integration platform that helps companies to connect disparate enterprise applications through data pipelines and process flows. It’s the ideal infrastructure for generative AI models, which need access to as much data as they can get their hands on to ensure the most accurate results.

Using GenAI Builder, IT and business teams will be able to quickly create new digital experiences and support the growing demand for AI-powered services. They’ll also be able to integrate accurate conversational AI co-pilots to almost any existing business application, with development based on a no-code visual designer and pre-built templates for common use cases. Finally, GenAI Builder enables teams to create retrieval-augmented generation applications without any code, meaning they can fine-tune the most powerful LLMs available to provide context-specific responses, while safeguarding the data that guides them.

SnapLogic added that GenAI Builder will become generally available to all customers as early as next month.

SnapLogic Chief Technology Officer Jeremiah Stone said GenAI Builder will help to teleport businesses into the future, giving product and IT teams the ability to quickly create high-performing conversational interfaces. “They’ll be able to change them from basic tools into intelligent collaborative systems, creating an entirely new realm of capabilities,” he promised.

Image: SnapLogic

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