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Conversational intelligence is becoming increasingly crucial in the contact center and customer service landscape. In any business, data is the key to making intelligent decisions that improve customer interactions, brand loyalty, and conversions. However, many organizations still struggle to draw actionable insights from conversations with customers.  


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Conversational intelligence vendors leverage natural language processing and understanding, as well as AI and machine learning, to transform business intelligence. The power conversational AI has to support business growth, has led to a rapid increase in market demand.  

By 2028, experts predict this market will be worth an incredible $29.8 billion. If you’re ready to take your contact center insights to the next level, here are some of the top conversational intelligence vendors worth considering in 2024.

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Conversational Intelligence Marketplace.

  • CallMiner 
  • Calabrio 
  • Uniphore 
  • NICE 
  • Sprinklr 
  • Qualtrics 
  • IBM 
  • Google 
  • Amazon Web Services 
  • Verint 
  • MiaRec 
  • Cresta 
  • Invoca 
  • ASAPP 
  • Medallia 
  • Gridspace 
  • Genesys 
  • Five9 
  • Talkdesk 
  • Cogito 

A leader in the Forrester Wave report for Conversational Intelligence vendors in 2023, CallMiner helps companies drive insights from interactions with artificial intelligence. The CallMiner “Analyze” platform helps companies examine 100% of customer conversations, providing insights into brand sentiment, intent, loyalty opportunities and more. 

The “Analyze” offering forms part of the comprehensive “Eureka” platform from CallMiner, combining deep AI analysis with automated journey mapping, automatic interaction scores, and even predicted NPS scores. There are also robust APIs available to connect your customer insights to your CRM, Business Intelligence tools, and other data repositories. CallMiner also offers secure automatic redaction, customizable reports, and organization-wide alerting.  

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Offering solutions for workforce management, call recording, and quality management, Calabrio supports companies in accessing deeper business insights. The Calabrio One platform combines all of the tools within the company’s ecosystem, with features for AI-powered employee engagement optimization, quality assurance, and data management.  

Calabrio’s speech analytics solution turns raw conversational data into usable customer intelligence, with predictive net promoter scores, sentiment indicators, and automated agent evaluations. Calabrio also pairs conversational data with meta data stripped from screen recordings and keyboard activities, for full end-to-end visibility.  

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AI-focused company, Uniphore, produces products designed to empower the modern contact center workforce. The organization’s portfolio includes solutions for real-time agent assistance, call recording, speech analytics, and intelligent self-service. Plus, Uniphore has its own comprehensive “Conversational Intelligence 2.0” offering, designed for sales and service teams.  

With Uniphore, companies can access real-time insights into engagement, buyer intent, sentiment, and more, throughout every omnichannel interactions. The solution even offers real-time guidance to sales reps, to help them adjust to changing buyer preferences and opportunities. There are interactive dashboards for agents, as well as tools for pinpointing the ideal upsell/cross-sell opportunities.  

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Contact center and customer experience software vendor, NICE, leverages artificial intelligence in various parts of its portfolio, to support a range of use-cases. The company offers access to a comprehensive contact center interaction analysis toolkit, which can pull insights from interactions on any channel. There’s also the Enlighten AI ecosystem. 

This uses artificial intelligence to deliver insights into customer satisfaction scores and opportunities, complaint management, and sales effectiveness. NICE allows companies to build their own custom interactive chatbots, automate resolutions, and dive deeper into opportunities with journey orchestration and routing technologies.  

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Producing various AI-powered tools for the contact center, Sprinklr gives businesses deeper insights into workplace performance, engagement, and customer sentiment. The company’s AI-powered Conversations Insights solution uncovers blind spots in customer conversations, allowing companies to better map and optimize the customer journey.  

The solution streamlines analysis, by allowing companies to examine multiple conversational topics in a single unified view. Sprinklr’s backend environment ensures companies can choose which kinds of customer intents they want to track, and collect contextual information from each conversation. The solution can also monitor compliance risks and customer sentiment across every channel. 

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Qualtrics produces a selection of three suites for customer and employee experience, including XM for people teams, customer frontlines, and strategy and research. The company’s conversational analytics tools empower brands to track predictive NPS scores, collect feedback automatically, monitor sentiment, and identify trends in customer discussions.  

With solutions like XM Discover, organizations can tap into omnichannel listening tools, to monitor customer experiences and perceptions across a range of environments. The offering includes intuitive natural language processing, with support for 20 languages, as well as the opportunity to build your own conversational chatbots for self-service.  

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Technology giants IBM deliver a range of solutions to companies who need help accessing data, serving customers, or managing teams. Using AI solutions like IBM Watson, the company empowers brands to draw insights from text, voice, and video conversations. Companies can use the conversational analysis tools offered by IBM to build data fabrics, predict outcomes in interactions, and customize customer care.   

IBM also offers Cognos Analytics with Watson, a BI solution which can capture, clean, and connect data, providing access to rich visualizations. The Watson chatbot platform also comes with conversational analytics built-in, with convenient tracking for a range of important customer experience metrics.   

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Leading cloud and technology vendor, Google, offers conversational AI solutions through the Google Cloud ecosystem. The toolkit comes with various resources for creating self-service and conversational bots, assessing sentiment, and improving productivity. Companies can even use insights to create and customize generative AI solutions.  

Google’s cloud conversational AI offerings range from the Vertex AI conversation developer platform, to Dialogflow CX for building AI agents, to the contact center AI platform. The company also has its own natural language, text-to-speech, and speech-to-text API offerings. This allows organizations to build conversational AI capabilities into their existing workflows.  

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning for a range of cloud-based contact center technologies. The company’s solutions can transcribe conversations automatically, pinpoint customer sentiment, and even improve workplace efficiency. The Amazon Connect Contact Lens offering is the fully-featured analysis solution from AWS. 

Contact Lens combines contact center analytics with quality measurement, generative AI capabilities for conversation summarization, and automation. With Contact Lens, companies can track customer sentiment and conversation trends across channels, and build real-time data streams. Plus, there are tools for tracking contact center compliance and agent performance.  

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CCaaS and CX leader Verint helps companies harness the benefits of conversational analytics with a comprehensive AI toolkit. The solution allows companies to automate actionable experiences with the Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant, and track CX metrics across all channels. Verint’s range of solutions include the Intent Discovery bot, to identify the reasons behind customer calls.  

There are Verint voice and digital containment bots, which use NLU to automate customer interactions in the omnichannel environment, and reduce escalations. Plus, companies can deliver seamless CX at scale with an intelligent assistant that uses machine learning and data to personalize consumer interactions on every channel.  

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Focusing on conversational intelligence and automated quality management, MiaRec is a technology vendor powered by artificial intelligence. The company’s speech analytics solutions help organizations to understand the reasons behind calls, surface insights into sentiment, and develop strategies for improving the customer journey.  

MiaRec even uses generative AI to help businesses automatically track and manage quality assurance, and extract more value from interactions. The company’s toolkit can identify call drivers in seconds, and alert staff with useful notifications, improve agent performance with step-by-step guidance, and rapidly generate in-depth contact center reports.  

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Specializing in the development of generative AI solutions for the contact center, Cresta gives companies solutions that pinpoint the drivers of performance, sales, and customer conversations. With AI-native copilots, QA, and coaching solutions, trained on company data, organizations can discover new ways to increase revenue, and customer satisfaction scores.  

Cresta analyzes every conversations automatically, uncovers customer insights, and highlights behavioral best practices that lead to better business outcomes. The company’s solutions are custom tailored to each business, and can be customized without the need for extensive coding. Plus, Cresta’s scalable architecture also includes ultra-low-latency transcription.  

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The AI and conversational analytics tools offered by Invoca support companies with end-to-end call tracking, interaction management, and journey orchestration. Companies can leverage leading artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to track customer sentiment and detect opportunities in sales, marketing, and service workflows.  

The organization’s conversational analytics tools can automatically analyze and score customer interactions, provide insights for agents in real-time, and deliver comprehensive visibility into experiences across all locations. Plus, the Signal AI offering makes it simple to dive deeper into the hidden insights in every voice discussion, with actionable advice and suggestions for agents. 

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Embracing the era of generative AI in the contact center, ASAPP builds intelligent solutions for customer service, combining creativity with machine learning. The company’s products include everything from coaching assistants, which deliver real-time insights to agents based on important performance metrics, to auto assist solutions for faster issue resolution.  

ASAPP’s conversational analytics tools can rapidly analyze and transcribe conversations, drawing attention to crucial trends and action items in discussions. They can also automatically summarize content, assess conversation quality, and deliver real-time alerts to business leaders, supervisors, and contact center agents.  

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Experience management software platform vendor, Medallia, gives companies tools that help them understand and optimize customer and employee experiences. The Athena AI solution at the heart of Medallia’s software instantly analyzes performance, interactions, and more in the contact center, leveraging a variety of machine learning techniques.  

Companies can use this solution to uncover new trends in buyer behavior and requirements, enhance workflows with automation, and track critical KPIs. Companies can customize the reports built from Athena’s insights, and leverage both text and speech analytics in the same toolkit. Plus, the system comes with AI-powered instant notifications and alerts. 

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Technology vendor Gridspace creates virtual agents and voice observability software for the modern contact center. With the company’s AI-powered platform, companies can analyze more than 50k concurrent calls per site in seconds, providing live insights into sentiment, opportunities, and more. The Gridspace Pulse solution also helps companies to detect and prioritize trending issues.  

Agents can use Pulse to automatically determine which events are the most positive, negative, and urgent in the contact center. Plus, Gridspace’s pre-trained language models can track various customer metrics, then hand information over from one agent to another, for a more seamless and immersive customer experience.  

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One of the top contact center vendors investing in AI and conversational analytics, Genesys offers a full toolkit for personalizing and optimizing customer experience. The company’s AI solutions include features for predictive engagement, ensuring salespeople can pinpoint opportunities in advance. There are flexible chatbots and voice bots for self-service, and even predictive routing tools.  

With Genesys conversational analytics, companies can access natural language understanding, transcription, sentiment analysis, and topic spotting to identify crucial events faster. Plus, companies can also use intelligent insights to analyse employee performance, and identify specific skill and knowledge gaps that could be limiting growth.  

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Offering a huge selection of AI-powered tools for contact centers, Five9 combines conversational analytics capabilities with AI chatbot builders, virtual agents, and more. The company’s AI solutions can automatically analyze a range of conversations across different channels, offering overviews of sentiment, topic trends, and agent performance.  

Companies can leverage generative AI capabilities to summarize conversation content and pinpoint crucial action points. Plus, the Interaction Analytics tools make it easy to track trends and their root causes, with multilingual analysis, intelligent language detection, call transcription, and quality management integrations.  

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CCaaS vendor Talkdesk has embedded artificial intelligence into its complete contact center portfolio. The Talkdesk Interaction Analytics solution is powered by the latest in generative AI and LLM technology. This solution analyzes customer interactions in seconds, detecting emerging trends, opportunities to increase loyalty, and performance insights.  

With Talkdesk’s conversational analytics tools, companies can augment agent coaching with real-time insights, sentiment analysis, and automatic interaction scoring. The Talkdesk CX sensors trigger alerts automatically when conditions are met, to reduce escalations and customer churn. Plus, you can apply interaction insights into customer journey mapping strategies, to boost self-service automation, and drive more intuitive conversations on every channel.  

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Focusing on real-time AI coaching and guidance for contact center agents, Cogito combines emotion and conversational AI into a single intuitive platform. The vendor’s conversational analytics tool give supervisors and agents real-time visibility into everything from churn risk, to customer intent. Cogito can extract and analyze more than 200 acoustic and voice signals in seconds, then provide proactive guidance to contact center agents. 

The solution also allows companies to leverage AI to flag difficult conversations, frustrated customers, and other issues, to alert supervisors when assistance is needed. Cogito can even automatically generate both customer and employee experience scores, to track business health.  

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