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Despite well-intentioned leadership development programs or for that matter any other behavior or skill development training where cognitive skill or any kind of language skill is at the core, the impact of such training often falls short. Because, for participants it is the problem of opportunity to apply such skills immediately after the training and receive a real time feedback. 


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For example, consider a leader trained in “communicating with team during disaster management “. During the training session he learnt the theory and best practices, engage in role-play, and return to work feeling confident. 

Months later, when the time comes for an actual situation to handle he struggle to recall the training and lack of instant coach or mentor support (because getting a people resource anytime and everytime is difficult to get), leading to a disastrous outcome of poor coordination and communication with team resulting into an unexpected and undesirable outcome.

So where was the gap? The program was good, intent was right but even then the desired outcome has not come.

This hypothetical scenario highlights the gap: The lack of practice opportunities and real-time mentorship. 

Here comes the role of Conversational AI.

What is conversational AI: 

It refers to the use of artificial intelligence to simulate human-like interactions, providing real-time responses and engaging users in meaningful dialogue.

So conversational AI can bridge the gap to a large extent in such training by providing a virtual coach available 24/7 to your participants, allowing them to rehearse conversations, receive instant feedback, and refine their skills precisely “when needed”.

By practicing with an AI tool tailored to the persona of their team member and communicating with team at different situations, leaders can better prepare in the moment of need (because normally Adults learn when they need it the most) for critical interactions, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

However, before adopting Conversational AI, it’s essential to consider the investment of time, resources, and energy to ensure it aligns with your context.

Conversational AI can provide a solution at scale to bridge the Gap in such kind of skill training by supporting the leader at every time when he/she desperately needs it.

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