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Yalo, a conversational AI Platform, has partnered with the Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA) to redefine how Nigerians see waste management, recycling, and environmental sustainability.


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This strategic partnership stems from the need to address environmental concerns and promote responsible business practices. With their shared passion for achieving ecological sustainability using technology, Yalo, and FBRA intend to transform society positively.

Manuel Centeno, Yalo Sales VP, said the company is excited to partner with FBRA to revolutionise recycling and the future of sustainability in Nigeria.

“Using our advanced AI technology, we intend to offer solutions to help create awareness about recycling, responsible waste management, and reducing packaging carbon footprint within the food and beverage industry. We can’t wait to unlock new possibilities for growth,” Centeno said.

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Through Yalo’s platform, the FBRA intends to raise awareness about responsible waste management, recycling, and reducing packaging footprint within the food and beverage industry by making it easy to sell more, track behaviours, and build genuine relationships through conversations.

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Agharese Lucia Onaghise, executive director of the Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance, said the partnership will go a long way towards changing lives, reducing waste, and improving recycling rates through the circular economy in the country.

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“The collaboration will promote advocacy to reduce plastic pollution and provide technological solutions for sustainability across Nigeria. It will help drive positive behavioural change in the waste management sector and create more awareness to drive a sustainable future for Nigeria,” she said.

She said that Yalo and FBRA have the tools to create conversational solutions that would facilitate communication, information dissemination, and engagement aimed at fostering effective recycling and sustainability initiatives in Nigeria.

The public presentation of Yalo in Nigeria is set to be held on Tuesday, December 12th, 2023, in Lagos and will mark the beginning of a shared desire for growth and environmental sustainability.

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