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Prepare yourselves for the arrival Bard, Google’s conversational AI, in the Google Messages app. With it, you’ll be composing messages, translating languages, and so much more.


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Detailed by the good people at 9to5Google, Bard has been enabled within the latest Google Messages beta and is not yet public for users. However, it appears to be very close. After having been enabled, Bard is accessible via the “New conversation screen” and can be a standalone conversation for users to interact with. Beyond helping you compose and translate messages, Bard says it will help you “explore interests.”

Inside the app there are a few example prompts for users on how to utilize Bard to its full potential Those prompts are as follows.

  • “Write a text message I can send to my boss calling in sick today. It’s a big team presentation day, so I’m sad to let everyone down. 3 sentences or fewer.”
  • “Create a vegetarian meal with the following ingredients I have in my fridge: cauliflower, cucumber, and yogurt”
  • “Come up with a complex word riddle that has the answer: sunset. You are a skilled riddle maker, known for the cleverness of your wordplay and the complexity of your puzzles, skilled at thinking up clever and challenging riddles. Be creative. Come up with a riddle that is difficult to guess. Include hints to help the user guess.”

Those prompts are examples of why AI and I don’t mix. In the time it would take me to come up with an appropriate prompt, I’d have already completed the task I wanted Bard to do. Enough about me, though.

Google is very clear in the app that your messages with Bard are not end-to-end encrypted. Google says, “They’re used to improve Google services, including the machine-learning models that power Bard.” No surprise here, just make note of it and don’t tell Bard anything too incriminating.

Given the feature is inside of the beta app already and appears to be operation to a certain degree, we have to imagine we’re close to a launch. Mobile AI is at an all time high right now with the launch of Galaxy AI. The only thing is, will we eventually have to be paying for all of this AI awesomeness?

// 9to5Google

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