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Artificial intelligence is impacting nearly every industry. Whether that’s automating behind-the-scenes operations or curating data-driven insights, these generative systems are quickly integrating into our everyday workflows.


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Based out of India, the following list of AI-focused companies are developing smart tools and novel platforms fueling AI’s meteoric rise.

Top AI Companies in India

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Intel Corporation
  • Bosch
  • Kellton
  • Zoho
  • ElasticRun

22 AI Companies in India to Know

Beyond its widely used search engine, Google is a multinational corporation and pioneer in AI. It’s the original developer of the transformer neural network architecture — now supporting generative AI apps like ChatGPT — as well as breakthrough conversational AI models, notably Gemini. Google’s Bangalore-based research facility is applying AI to tackle real-world problems in healthcare, agriculture and education and creating more inclusive language models.

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As one of the largest tech conglomerates in the world, Microsoft is a standout contender in the AI space. With AI-powered products like Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning, the company’s comprehensive suite of AI tools serve as a reliable resource for developers and businesses to build, deploy and manage AI applications. Its partnership with OpenAI guarantees further trendsetting AI innovation from Microsoft, as seen with its search engine, Bing, which now features conversational and generative AI capabilities. The company operates several offices throughout the country, including a large development center in Bangalore.

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IBM, the world’s largest industrial research organization, runs an AI supercomputer known as Watson. It’s built with cognitive computing, natural language processing and machine learning programs now used across a number of sectors, from retail to healthcare, in the form of virtual assistant, data analytics and supply chain optimization. In 2011, Watson made headlines by winning a game of Jeopardy!, and has since innovated conversational AI and natural language language classification, with the ultimate goal of reaching artificial general intelligence. IBM’s local headquarters and research hub is located in Bangalore.

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Through its legacy of high-performance GPU development, tech conglomerate Nvidia entered the deep learning space. Its high-powered AI chips — responsible for training and the deployment of deep learning models at scale — are used in everything from self-driving cars to medical imaging equipment. The company began its India-based operations in 2004, and has since expanded to four engineering development centers throughout the country.

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Global tech conglomerate Amazon is set to capitalize from AI development as a main cloud provider and market leader. Still, the company plans to compete in the generative AI space with its own line of products, like its machine-learning platform AWS Bedrock and custom AI chips. Amazon’s largest corporate office outside of the United States is located in Hyderabad, which has about 15,000 employees. By 2030, the company plans to invest $15 billion across its India-based locations.

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Intel is one of the world’s largest producers of semiconductor chips, which play an essential part in powering global AI infrastructure. These advanced processors and hardware solutions optimize AI workloads, catering to diverse computing needs from edge devices to data centers. Outside of the United States, India is Intel’s largest design and engineering center, with more than 14,000 employees across campuses in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

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Multinational engineering and tech company Bosch has expanded its product portfolio from kitchenware and car parts to artificial intelligence. Primarily, the company is leveraging big data and machine learning tech within its manufacturing operations across the globe and the product design process. In 2017, Bosch opened an AI center in Bangalore to support AI services and engineering projects. 

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Headquartered in Hyderabad, IT company Kellton is known for guiding business through their digital transformation since 2009. Today, the company has built its own generative AI solutions, offering AI-driven data analysis, predictive analytics and machine learning assistance for better customer insights and data-driven decision making.

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Headquartered in Chennai, Zoho is a global software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that offers web-based business tools, most notably its online office suite. Zia is the company’s configurable AI-powered assistant that enables clients to cross-sell customers, ease workflows and form predictive analytics by scanning datasets for more informed, business-intelligent decision making. In 2023, Zoho announced that it will build its own large language model

ElasticRun is an AI-enhanced B2B ecommerce platform designed to connect household brands to rural communities. Using a crowdsourced logistics network, the Pune-based company aims to facilitate over $600 billion in trade between its partners with more than 80,000 villages.

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MachineHack is a Bangalore-based startup that has created a professional network specifically catered to generative AI developers across the field. Through its community-focused platform, MachineHack enables access to collaboration, knowledge sharing and resources as well as upskilling opportunities for AI professionals by hosting data-centric challenges and competitions. 

Formerly known as Yellow Messenger, Yellow.ai is a multinational startup that has developed a generative AI-powered platform designed to automate customer support services via chatbots. Built with multiple large language models, these bots simulate empathetic and context-aware conversations in over 135 languages across more than 35 different channels, including voice calls, texts and Whatsapp messaging.

Haptik is a conversational AI platform developing customer relations management tools that allows users to converse with applications in free format using speech or text. Thanks to its proprietary natural language processing technology, the company delivers no-code bots for use as personal assistants, customer support agents and sales assistants specialized to retail, fintech, healthcare and gaming industries.

Uniphore is a conversational automation tech startup that sells AI-native software for the purpose of data analytics, chatbot assistants and cybersecurity. It combines generative AI, knowledge AI and emotion AI with workflow automation to build enterprise-grade applications built for scale. 

ORAI is an AI speech coach designed to help working professionals upskill their oratory performance in order to deliver better workplace presentations and speeches, increasing the likelihood of career advancement. Hosting more than 300,000 users, the app provides daily five-minute lessons, real-time feedback and improvement tracking with insights. 

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Locus is a last-mile logistics tech company that has built a deep tech-based dispatch management platform. Originally, the geo-tracking app was used to keep women safe by tracking deviations from predetermined routes. This track-and-trace tech has since been repurposed to assist the retail customer experience with end-to-end solutions, from fulfillment automation to reporting analytics and insights.

Attentive.ai is a SaaS startup developing an AI-enhanced business management software specialized to landscaping, construction and field services. The auto-syncing platform unifies operations, sales, inventory, accounting, invoicing and customer service relations behind one dashboard, which also features face-recognition clockins and an app designed to make remote crew management easier.

Intello Labs is an AI startup using computer vision to digitize the quality assessment process of fresh produce in an effort to minimize food waste. This supply chain management automation tool promotes objective procedures, efficiency and fair pricing of fruits, vegetables, spices and nuts.

Bobble AI is a conversation media startup building an AI-based keyboard app that enables hyper-contextual communication. Users can attach AI-generated stickers, GIFs, emojis and memes in real-time while messaging in a variety of themes and fonts. Bobble AI hosts more than 80 million users and is available in more than 100 languages.

Arya.ai is an IT company that simplifies AI-enhanced API deployment for bankers, insurers and other entities across the financial sector. The platform employs deep-learning behind its user-friendly interface to help facilitate institution-wide adoption of responsible AI-automated operations at scale.

Mad Street Den is an enterprise AI company known for its orchestration platform, Vue.ai. This software enables a company’s technical teams to build vertical AI-powered applications into their organization’s workflows and operations with its stack of ready-to-use APIs and no-code and low-code tools for more informed, data-driven decision making. Vue.ai is implemented across a number of industries, including retail, finance, logistics and healthcare.

SigTuple is leveraging AI, robotics and cloud computing to digitize pathology with a series of intelligent screening solutions. These diagnostic devices aim to democratize microscopy — an entirely manual process — by providing automated cell identification aided by remote review, widening access to healthcare.

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