Adobe Unveils Groundbreaking AI Tool – WCPO 9 Cincinnati

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Adobe just dropped a game-changer: AI Assistant for Acrobat – it’s a built-in, conversational AI engine transforming how we work with documents. Hundreds of thousands are already ditching document dread thanks to AI Assistant. Now imagine a new conversational assistant – You ask a question about a lengthy contract, and AI whips up a clear summary – Need key points from a research paper? AI delivers them in a snap.


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This isn’t just for students or businesses – it’s for everyone. AI Assistant uses cutting-edge technology to unlock the hidden potential of PDFs. Long documents become easily navigable – complex information gets simplified – and insights jump off the page.

Tech Life Expert Stephanie Humphrey and Jason Tartick, seen on ABC’s The Bachelorette and an active Entrepreneur/Author/Podcaster joined Michelle Hopkins to show why this new assistant is part of the AI productivity revolution.

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