‘AI is key to unlocking value within data’ – The New Indian Express

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Some other sectors where AI has great potential are product development and research, medical research, customer analysis and automation of business processes, among other things. At Dell Technologies, currently, every major product line utilises machine intelligence as a core component of a modern product development or solution. Dell has close to 1,000 AI/ML related projects going on at any time.


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Talking about skilling employees on AI, Manakame said employees need to learn, develop, and use AI based solutions. Adoption of AI requires upskilling or reskilling, both of which are major requirements for companies.

“As most business users will leverage AI/Gen AI based solutions, it is pertinent that every person in the organisation has a basic knowledge of AI. This can be achieved through basic online courses or module-based training. AI professionals/ developers should acquire key skills such as a solid foundation in machine learning, proficiency in data science, mastery of programming languages like Python and R, and domain-specific knowledge,” she stated.

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