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Martech Outlook | Thursday, April 04, 2024

TORONTO, ON, Canada – (“ARway” or the “Company”) (CSE: ARWY), (OTC: ARWYF) (FSE: E65) is an AI powered Augmented Reality Experience platform with a disruptive no-code, no beacon spatial computing solution enabled by visual marker tracking with centimeter precision is pleased to announce another paid partner deal with AVR Labs, a pioneering company based in the United Arab Emirates specializing in XR technologies. AVR Labs will be a recognized partner of ARway in the Gulf Region, increasing ARway’s distribution channel, as they have 100+ projects from paying customers deployed across 20 countries around the globe.


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This collaboration is set to revolutionize AR navigation by integrating cutting-edge generative AI 3D/AR avatars with conversational immersive interaction capabilities, powered by ARway’s advanced platform and AVR Labs’ innovative solutions.

AVR Labs, with a robust presence across the Middle East and a diverse clientele including universities and government ministries, is an ARway agency partner that will implement ARway’s technology for various customer projects. Renowned for their expertise in AI, AR, and VR technology, AVR Labs specializes in creating immersive experiences that captivate and engage audiences. One of their notable projects includes the development of AR VIEWZ GPT, an augmented reality GPT that enables dynamic, conversational interactions within AR environments.

The partnership aims to integrate these AR GPTs into the ARway platform, enhancing AR navigation experiences with the addition of conversational AI avatars. These avatars, accessible via a visual marker scan, will act as interactive tour guides, offering personalized navigation assistance and enriching user interactions within AR spaces.

This collaboration’s first showcase will be at the World Future Energy Summit in Dubai, a premier event in the global energy and resources sector. At the summit, AVR Labs will deploy AR indoor navigation enhanced with GPT-powered 3D/AR avatars to guide visitors around the event, demonstrating the transformative potential of combining ARway’s navigation solutions with AVR Labs’ technology. This deployment will feature wayfinding around the event, integration of AI avatars for conversational interaction, and a presentation of ARway to the Middle Eastern market, with over 280 exhibitors participating from April 16-18.

ARway and AVR Labs are committed to pushing the boundaries of AR technology, aiming to expand their reach across various industries beyond the initial tradeshow project. With over 100 projects across 20 countries, AVR Labs plans to incorporate ARway’s technology in client projects, significantly enhancing user experiences across diverse sectors.

This partnership marks a milestone in the evolution of AR navigation and interaction, setting a new standard for immersive technology applications in the Middle East and around the globe. ARway and AVR Labs look forward to redefining the future of AR experiences, offering users innovative ways to explore and interact with the world around them.

Scan the QR code using your smartphone to see an Avatar example:

To interact with the AI driven Avatar, please visit the AVR Labs website and locate the Avatar in the bottom right corner:

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