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  • Belong.Life, a leading global provider of AI-powered patient education and support solutions, has unveiled the BelongAI Dave – Cancer Mentor app to bring the most advanced and comprehensive cancer support technology to patients and caregivers around the world.
  • The new solution marks a significant step forward in personalized cancer support, by providing patients with a proactive and comprehensive conversational-AI solution for managing their journey 24/7.

Introducing DavePro: Revolutionizing Cancer Support with AI-Powered Mentorship

As a devoted mentor committed to empowering patients and caregivers, the BelongAI Dave – Cancer Mentor delivers continuous guidance, support, and education tailored to individual needs. This includes personalized information, assistance in locating pertinent clinical trials, and tools to facilitate communication with healthcare providers. The app’s proactive mentorship, compassionate support, and distinctive case management approach ensure that users receive timely assistance.

This new solution follows the successful launch of Dave in 2023, the world’s inaugural AI oncology mentor, within Belong’s Beating Cancer Together app. Dave currently assists hundreds of thousands of cancer patients within the app, boasting remarkably high levels of engagement. The considerable patient demand for exclusive AI support, coupled with the significant praise Dave has garnered from both patients and physicians, has led to the introduction of this standalone app.

DavePro features include:

– Scheduled proactive check-ins regarding previously discussed concerns and upcoming treatments.

– Precise, comprehensive, and empathetic responses to specific cancer-related inquiries and difficulties.

– Analysis of documents and clarification of clinical jargon in easily understandable terms.

– Access to a personalized, continually updated repository of information covering treatment options, side effects, and emotional well-being.

– Management of medications, appointment notifications, and reminders.

DavePro Plus extends these features by incorporating Tara, Belong’s AI-powered assistant, which matches patients with relevant clinical trials based on their unique medical circumstances and location. Through ongoing searches, Tara identifies newly available treatments and clinical trials, providing patients with easy-to-read monthly summaries to stay informed about relevant treatment opportunities.

Dave Community enables patients to engage with Dave in a public forum, allowing users to glean insights from other patients’ challenges and interactions with Dave. 

DavePro and DavePro Plus are available as monthly or annual subscriptions, while Dave Community offers free access and support.

Eliran Malki, Co-founder and CEO of Belong.Life, expressed the company’s commitment to democratizing access to high-quality cancer support, stating, “Our vision is to provide every patient with the highest level of care. Proximity to the hospital or bank account size shouldn’t determine priority for answering patients’ questions or attending to patient’s needs. The BelongAI Dave – Cancer Mentor app will allow us to make personalized cancer support accessible and affordable to all, for the fraction of the cost of traditional mentorship services, at the price of a few cups of coffee.”

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