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Conversational AI is a sub-domain of Artificial Intelligence that deals with speech-based or text-based AI agents that can simulate and automate conversations and verbal interactions. Two main developments have increased conversational AI Agents like chatbots and voice assistants. On the one hand, the methods required to develop highly accurate AI models, i.e. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, have seen a tremendous amount of advancement due to the increasing research interest in these fields accompanied by the progress in achieving higher computing power with the help of complex hardware architectures like GPUs and TPUs.  


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Secondly, due to the natural language interface and its design, conversational agents have been seen as a natural fit in various applications like healthcare, customer care, e-commerce, and education. This rise in the practical implementation and their demand has made Conversational AI a ripe area for innovation and novel research. Newer and more complex models for the individual core components of a Conversational AI architecture are being introduced at a never-before-seen rate.

Chai AI is taking conversational AI platforms to the next level. Chai AI has achieved a significant milestone in digital chatter by harnessing the power of a vast proprietary dataset, including over four billion user-bot messages. Clocking in at more than one hundred million conversations this month alone, this platform is not just a fleeting pastime—it’s a phenomenon. 

What is Chai AI? 

Chai AI is a free app. By subscribing to the app, the users can remove the adverts and have unlimited messages. The platform facilitates over 100 million monthly conversations, equivalent to approximately 1 billion monthly messages. 

The data owners can remove any conversations they have had with different characters. Chai values user privacy and does not share any user-generated data publicly unless it has been consented to inside the app. Data safety is documented in their EULA. All the ChatAI bots on the platform are created by other users and are powered by Chai’s proprietary LLM (Large Language Model). Chai optimizes these ChatAIs to provide users with a creative, engaging, and human-like experience.

Chai is developed and maintained by Chai Research Corp, and its Founder & CEO is William R.G. Beauchamp. He graduated from the University of Cambridge with an economics degree and has since founded another startup called Seamless Capital, an algorithmic trading firm generating $5M / year in profit. 

The Chaiverse 

Chaiverse is Chai AI’s developer platform, allowing LLM developers to submit models directly to the Chai ecosystem. One of the critical differentiators for Chai AI is its use of proprietary models, which have been trained on curated user feedback. This approach has led to a remarkable 68% engagement improvement over GPT3.5, as reported in their research. The company’s commitment to innovation is further underscored by the recent launch of Chaiverse, its developer platform, which allows LLM developers to submit models directly to the Chai ecosystem. 

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