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Cognigy has announced the release of its new AI Agents for Sales and Marketing solution.


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The AI tool promises its users the ability to provide a “hyper-personalized service” that will “revolutionize customer engagement,” highlighting the company’s lofty expectations for the solution.

These personalization capabilities are paired with intelligent interaction tech – allowing agents to predict customer needs, drive revenue growth, and enhance the overall customer experience.

The solution helps users achieve this by utilizing customer profiles and contextual insights to proactively identify needs and align conversations with individual journeys and preferences.

The AI Agents can also initiate proactive outbound calls, ensuring potential opportunities are not missed and customer engagement is maximized.

Sebastian Glock, Director of Product Marketing at Cognigy, discussed the impact that the solution will have on its enterprise customers:

Cognigy is empowering enterprises with AI Agents that augment their workforce to deliver truly differentiating self-service resulting in automated workflows and human-like interactions.

So, let’s take a closer look at the features with the power to “turn interactions into transactions,” as Cognigy puts it.

AI and Automation

As mentioned by Glock, the solution’s automation capabilities are key to its success, with the following three features outlined by Cognigy:

Renewals and Upselling: Automatically reaches out to customers before their contracts expire to manage renewals and explore opportunities for additional services.

Sales Activation: Follows up on leads from incomplete applications or checkouts, assisting in reconnecting with potential customers and converting them into active customers.

Outbound Scheduling: Initiates calls to customers to schedule appointments or services, streamlining the process to enhance convenience.

Despite the infancy of the solution, Cognigy has conducted use cases across different sectors including retail, telecommunications, and travel.

The results of these tests have highlighted the tool’s impact across the entire customer journey, with Cognigy reporting that it offers continuous assistance from initial contact to after-sales support – enhancing every interaction with generative and conversational AI capabilities.

The performance of the use cases was also discussed by Glock:

Multiple customers have deployed our Sales and Marketing AI Agents and are experiencing revenue growth from renewals and upselling, re-engagement and proactive scheduling. These early use cases demonstrate the power and potential of AI Agents.

More Cognigy AI Releases

Like the majority of customer service tech vendors, Cognigy has been investing heavily in AI solutions, having also launched an AI Copilot for contact center agents late last year.

The solution combines conversational and generative AI to assist contact center agents. Cognigy believes the AI Copilot can significantly enhance the company’s customer service offerings by providing real-time AI support.

The tool also handles functions like sentiment analysis, data retrieval, task automation, and call summarization, while being easily onboarded and customizable to enterprise needs.

Prior to the Copilot, the company released its Knowledge AI tool, aimed at speeding up the AI agent deployment process.

The solution aims to achieve this through generative question answering, enterprise knowledge, and personalized interactions.

Cognigy claims that Knowledge AI can transform agent support using LLMs and advanced vector search technology. Acknowledging the challenges some customer service teams face with GenAI and LLMs, Cognigy is committed to making AI more user-friendly and accessible.

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