Democratization of conversational AI tools will drive innovation: Ganesh Gopalan – INDIAai

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Founded in 2016, is backed by SAMSUNG Ventures and is renowned as a frontrunner in voice-driven Gen AI automation. It covers a complete automation and analytics experience encompassing omnichannel AI automation, voice biometrics, agent assistance, and Omnichannel Analytics. Ganesh Gopalan is the Co-founder and CEO of In this exclusive interaction with INDIAai, he explains the role of AI tools in the conversational space.


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How do you think AI tools are transforming conversational space? 

AI tools are revolutionizing conversational interactions by leveraging NLP and machine learning to understand human language and provide contextually relevant responses. Chatbots and virtual assistants automate routine tasks, freeing human agents for complex issues. Analyzing conversational data provides insights into customer preferences, optimizing offerings for enhanced satisfaction. Co-pilot AI tools are helping customer service agents respond to customers faster and more accurately. 

What is How does use AI to improve customer service? is a leading deep-tech company that specializes in automating customer interactions. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we have pioneered advancements in natural language comprehension, speech recognition, and seamless dialogues between humans and machines. Our offerings encompass comprehensive automation and analytical solutions, spanning omnichannel AI automation, voice biometrics, agent assistance, and omnichannel analytics. 

We also excel in various domains, including multilingual conversations, speech activity detection, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, natural language understanding (NLU), and tailored generative AI models backed by multiple patents. Our solutions empower businesses to enhance customer experiences while reducing costs and accelerating growth. 

We have been working with banks and helping them streamline their customer support operations through automation. We assist over 50 BFSI customers, including banks, Buy Now Pay Later firms, NBFCs, insurance, and microfinance institutions, automating conversations throughout their customer engagement journeys—from lead qualification to onboarding, customer support, collections, renewals, and customer engagement. 

In collaboration with automotive entities, we facilitate early demand evaluation and gather customer feedback via automated interactions with showroom visitors. We also help automate service and support bookings.  

We also help customers, such as the leading telecom and patient engagement customers in India and across the world, automate and assist customer service agents in various processes. 

Can you give a walkthrough of’s AI tools and models? 

At, we offer a Unified Voice First conversational AI Platform with products including Automation (Automate365), Agent Assist (Assist365), Voice Biometrics (Armour365), and Omnichannel Analytics (Aura365). Automate365 is a powerful tool that streamlines various business processes through conversational AI. It enables businesses to automate repetitive tasks, such as customer inquiries, appointment scheduling, order processing, and more. Assist365 is a real-time agent assist tool that acts like a co-pilot and empowers customer service representatives with real-time insights and suggested responses based on contextual information and historical data, enabling more personalized and effective service delivery.  

Armour365 provides advanced voice biometrics solutions, verifying customer identities by analyzing unique vocal characteristics during voice interactions. This technology enhances security by replacing traditional PINs or passwords, offering a seamless authentication experience. It can also distinguish between synthetic voices and human voices for liveness detection and provides a dynamic pass phrase model to prevent automated attacks Aura365 is an omnichannel analytics tool that offers detailed insights from customer interactions across voice, text, chat, and social media channels. It tracks key metrics, identifies trends, and enables businesses to optimize their omnichannel strategies, personalize customer experiences, and drive growth. 

Why do you think that companies should choose over any other conversational AI platform? 

One of the largest healthcare care companies based in the US recently chose as the CX automation platform after evaluating multiple global companies. Similarly, another Nasdaq-listed company chose as the preferred AI platform over other international competitors. The reason for such wins is that offers the most comprehensive omnichannel AI platform with its extensive portfolio of patents and innovative products, ready AI-trained models for multiple use cases, and speedy deployment times. Our products own the entire conversational AI pipeline, from streaming audio to proprietary speech-to-text AI models, text-to-speech systems, NLU, and custom-tuned generative AI models. This comprehensive approach ensures superior accuracy, no hallucinations, and the lowest latency in conversational interactions. Also, with our commitment to privacy and data protection, multiple deployment models coupled with our transparent policies and procedures help build trust and confidence in our services vis-à-vis other available solutions/companies in the market.  

What are the major conversational AI trends that we can expect this year? 

 Conversational AI trends will largely include personalized interactions, context-aware interactions leveraging user data, enhanced natural language capabilities for human-like interactions, advancements in multimodal AI for seamless responses, and increased focus on privacy and ethics in AI model development. We believe the democratization of conversational AI tools will drive innovation, and it will go multilingual, supporting diverse languages globally through advanced translation and learning. 

With a broad client base, will have to manage large volumes of data. How does the company ensure the quality of data sets, data security, and privacy? 

We prioritize customer data privacy and have certifications like ISO, SOC2, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and more. We don’t store or use customer data on our cloud for AI model training. We are cloud-agnostic and offer multiple deployment options for our end customers. Our voice biometrics platform enhances security for customer authentication during voice interactions. With transparent data policies, we foster trust and confidence in our services. 

What are the company’s plans in the pipeline? 

With GenAI’s increasing adoption, we are confident in our ability to accelerate growth. We intend to focus on deeper market penetration in the United States while staying focused on markets like India. 

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