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At its annual Geotab Connect event, Geotab Inc. introduced Geotab Ace, an artificial intelligence copilot for fleet management. This new feature, integrated into the MyGeotab platform, aims to improve fleet management by providing customized insights through conversational AI.


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Geotab Ace utilizes billions of data points to offer streamlined and accessible information, enhancing decision-making for fleet managers. The development of Geotab Ace was informed by customer feedback during Project G, a beta generative AI project in 2023, focusing on addressing user challenges and incorporating valuable features directly into the platform.

Mike Branch, vice president of data and analytics at Geotab, emphasized the potential of Geotab Ace.

“Geotab Ace represents not just an evolution in fleet management, but the next step in harnessing the power of trusted data. By bringing the intuitive simplicity of conversational AI directly into the Geotab platform, we are transforming the way fleets interact with their data, crafting a future where insights are immediate, intelligent and instrumental to success,” he said.

Geotab Ace offers access to a wide range of data, including safety analytics, maintenance forecasts and electric vehicle statistics, among others. It can provide detailed and personalized responses based on past interactions and specific business needs, all while maintaining privacy and keeping data within Geotab’s secure environment, the company said.

Neil Cawse, CEO of Geotab, highlighted the significance of Geotab Ace in the evolution of data analysis in fleet management.

“The roadmap we have for Geotab Ace is a game-changer for fleet management, distilling access to insights on demand. It epitomizes our mission to simplify data analysis and unlock a world of trustworthy, insightful and actionable fleet intelligence,” he said.

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