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H1, the go-to resource for healthcare professionals, clinical trial information, and life sciences research, announced the launch of its conversational AI tool GenosAI Pro.

– The conversational AI tool empowers pharmaceutical companies to streamline workflows, enhance data-driven decision-making, and optimize clinical trial processes within the Trial Landscape platform.

Transforming Clinical Trial Design

Building upon the success of GenosAI Lite, GenosAI Pro leverages ChatGPT Enterprise technology to deliver unprecedented capabilities. Secured within H1’s infrastructure, this next-generation tool transforms complex data into visual insights and actionable deliverables, accelerating and simplifying:

  • Diversity plan & feasibility analysis: Craft inclusive trial designs by identifying optimal locations, sponsors, and HCPs with relevant diversity data.
  • Healthcare provider (HCP) & site biobook creation: Streamline information gathering and biobook development with AI-powered summaries.
  • Presentation slide generation: Quickly build compelling decks for trial design meetings or diversity plan presentations.

“GenosAI Pro marks a significant leap forward in applying the power of generative AI to clinical research, offering unmatched insights and efficiencies. It exemplifies H1’s commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative technologies,” said H1’s CEO and co-founder Ariel Katz. “Empowering users to instantly and seamlessly access profound insights from Trial Landscape data, GenosAI Pro is transforming the utilization of clinical trial data on a daily basis.”

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