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March 12, 2024 at 2:42 PM
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Hello and welcome to Eye on AI.

There’s been a lot of AI news in the past few days, which we’ll get to in the news section below.

But first: If you’re still struggling to wrap your head around today’s AI generative revolution, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Survey after survey shows that while everyone agrees AI is poised to have a massive impact on business, society, and even our own personal relationships, many executives are not confident that their own company has a well-defined strategy around how to use the technology to reinvent their business and find value. The technology is bewildering, producing results that can seem magical and brilliant one moment and inept and dangerously wrong the next. The legal, regulatory, and ethical issues surrounding the technology can seem like a minefield. (Just ask Google.) Equally concerning are the new data privacy and security risks generative AI introduces. And then there’s the cost—whether you’re purchasing tokens through an API with Google, OpenAI, or Anthropic, or trying to fine-tune an open-source model like Llama 2 on your own cloud-based GPUs, generative AI is expensive.

If you’re looking for answers, insights, and tips to help you decide how your own business should use generative AI to supercharge efficiency and bolster the bottom line, while at the same time sidestepping the significant regulatory, security, and ethical pitfalls, please join me at the Fortune Brainstorm AI in London on April 15 and 16. Those who have attended our previous Brainstorm AI events in San Francisco know how good this event is—and we are so excited to be bringing the conversation to London.

In conjunction with our founding partner Accenture (and sponsor of Eye on AI) and partner, Fortune is convening top minds from companies across Europe, the U.S., and beyond to discuss how business can harness the power of AI, and how we can avoid its risks. The program features one-on-one conversations, panel discussions, and lively roundtable sessions, as well as plenty of time for networking.

I want to call out just a few highlights of the program: Google DeepMind vice president Zoubin Ghahramani and Faculty AI CEO Marc Warner will give us a sense of where the cutting edge of AI is heading and how it will likely transform society. Microsoft chief scientist Jaime Teevan and Accenture’s chief AI officer Lan Guan will discuss generative AI’s impact on the future of work. Shez Partovi, the chief innovation and strategy officer for Royal Philips, will talk to us about AI and health care. Paula Goldman, Salesforce’s chief ethical and humane use officer, and Builder.AI CEO Sachin Dev Duggal will walk us through the intellectual property issues generative AI raises and how to potentially address them. Darktrace CEO Poppy Gustafsson will address responsible AI on a panel that also includes Dame Joanna Shields OBE, the founder and CEO of Precognition.

There will be demos of the latest in synthetic media from hot generative AI startups Synthesia and ElevenLabs, whose CEOs will discuss how these technologies can remake corporate communication, even as they raise scary concerns about disinformation and fraud. Meanwhile, Josh Berger, CBE, the chairman of Battersea Entertainment, and Lynda Rooke, the president of performing arts and entertainment union Equity, will discuss the implications of generative AI for the creative industries.

We have speakers from some of the biggest companies on the Fortune 500 and Fortune 500 Europe, including Royal Dutch Shell, Maersk, Intel, and HSBC. There will also be executives on stage from Palantir and the London Stock Exchange. We’ll hear from Ian Hogarth, who is not only a serial entrepreneur and leading European startup investor but also chairman of the U.K. AI Safety Institute. Connor Leahy, founder and CEO of Conjecture AI and a former cofounder of open-source AI collective EleutherAI, will also talk about AI’s biggest risks and what can be done to head them off.

Helping me lead the conversations will be my fellow Brainstorm AI London cochairs May Habib, founder and CEO of generative AI platform Writer, and Eileen Burbidge, director at Fertifa and partner at Passion Capital, as well as Fortune’s Ellie Austin. Several other talented Fortune editors and journalists will be on hand too to help moderate the discussion and report on the event.

If you come to the conference you’ll get to chat with us and rub elbows with leading executives from the U.S. and Europe, as well as some of Europe’s best AI venture capital investors, startup founders, academics, and policymakers. If you are an Eye on AI subscriber, there’s a special discount to the conference available. You can apply to attend here or email [email protected]. Please register your interest today. And I’m looking forward to meeting many of you in London in a few weeks time!

With that, here’s the AI news.

Jeremy Kahn
[email protected]

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