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RICHARDSON, Texas and INDIANAPOLIS, April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — KLaunch, a leader in omni-channel conversational AI solutions, proudly announces its partnership with RealPage Exchange, introducing ‘Claire,’ an innovative AI platform set to transform property management, leasing, data analytics, maintenance and autonomous operations.


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KLaunch, a leader in omni-channel conversational AI solutions, proudly announces its partnership with RealPage Exchange, by introducing ‘Claire,’ an innovative AI platform set to transform property management, leasing, data analytics, maintenance and autonomous operations.

Developed by KLaunch, Claire integrates cutting-edge omni-channel conversational AI technology from its predecessors, KBot Lightning and HumanX, surpassing current market offerings with its advanced capabilities. Claire not only excels in automating tenant interactions across various communication channels (social media DM’s, web chatbots, immersive text, email), but also delivers unparalleled personalized experiences through deep analytics. It revolutionizes property management by automating the entire tenant journey—from advertising touchpoint, quantification to prospecting, waitlist management, maintenance, leasing, payment interactions, and orchestrated move-ins and move-outs.

Furthermore, Claire’s efficiency in streamlining operations significantly reduces staff workload, potentially saving hundreds of administrative hours each month and allowing teams to focus on higher-level tasks and customer service. Additionally, Claire enables real-time communication with residents regarding maintenance needs and facilitates instant booking for both in-person and virtual property tours, enhancing responsiveness and lead engagement, through seamless SMS integration.

“Our teams have dedicated the past year to developing Claire to address the critical need for full automation in this space,” stated Josh Ross, CEO of KLaunch. “While omni-channel conversational AI is a significant advancement, Claire’s persistent data capabilities set it apart. The ability to autonomously manage all communication forms with real-time and persistent data elevates Claire, enabling the complete automation of multi-tenant management.”

Key Features of Claire:

  • Omni-Channel Conversational AI: Claire can learn any private business process and orchestrate that process by powering conversations across any channel of communication. Claire has HumanX built into it which is the private LLM capabilities powered by KLaunch.

  • Seamless & Persistent Data Profiles Across All Channels: Claire can not only converse and power all forms of conversations, but it has encrypted and perfected data processes that capture personalized interactive data at every turn making it a standout in autonomous automation of process.

  • Multilingual Support: Claire offers services in multiple languages, ensuring accessibility for diverse tenant bases.

  • Multi-Keyword Recognition: Responsive to various prompts like “Claire” or “Hello Claire,” making interactions natural and user-friendly.

  • Advanced Authentication & Security: Prioritizing security, Claire embodies all forms of encrypted data, employs two-factor authentication, geo tracking, record identification, and transcript protection to confirm tenant identities.

  • Dynamic Notifications: Tailoring in and out of office messages based on actual office hours for enhanced communication. As well as autonomously handling every aspect of the leasing and property management processes.

  • Comprehensive Management: Claire learns from your specific property management processes and doesn’t share any of them with the outside world. Within 72hrs Claire can know your business and processes and be working with tenants to guide them through your proprietary operations. From prospect management to detailed FAQs about property policies, Claire handles it all.

Integration with RealPage:

Claire seamlessly integrates with RealPage’s systems, empowering property management companies to align Claire with existing workflows. This integration facilitates real-time data syncing and enhances operational efficiency and tenant satisfaction.

Transforming Tenant Experiences:

Claire transcends mundane tasks to create unparalleled 5-star tenant experiences, fostering engagement and user satisfaction. Its proficiency in addressing complex queries and delivering timely information positions it as an indispensable tool for modern property management.

Invitation for a Free Demo:

Experience Claire’s transformative capabilities firsthand. Schedule a complimentary demo today to witness how Claire can optimize your property management operations and enhance tenant interactions. For further information and to schedule your demo, please visit klaunch.io or contact [email protected].

About KLaunch:

KLaunch pioneers innovative omni-channel conversational AI technologies, revolutionizing business communications to empower diverse industries in achieving their customer service and engagement objectives.

About RealPage, Inc.:

RealPage is the premier global provider of AI-enabled software platforms for the real estate industry. Its solutions offer transparency into asset performance, data insights, customized tools, and improved efficiencies to generate incremental yield.


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