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PAiGPT is India’s first AI-powered conversational chatbot for UPSC aspirants. The bot is now available on Android and iOS. The app aims to revolutionise government exam aspirants’ research and learning experience. 


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PAiGPT was developed by Pinak Ai, a bootstrapped Indian company harnessing the power of generative Al and democratising technology for non-urban cities. The developers recently visited Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi, to validate the app and received good feedback from students and educators.

PAiGPT is seamless and affordable for everyone. The app can fetch real-time information on various topics and current affairs. Though the app’s functioning is similar to Perplexity AI and Google Gemini, PAiGPT’s ability to provide trending topics and the option to create multiple-choice questions based on the available information makes it relevant for UPSC aspirants. 

Students can even upload images of editorials from popular newspapers, and the app can generate summaries. The developers are also planning to introduce a feature that will allow the app to generate summaries in Hindi, even if the uploaded image contains text in English. 

PAiGPT is not just a powerful tool, it’s also affordable. According to the developers, the AI interface is available on a subscription model for a price that’s even more affordable than our morning tea. This makes it accessible to a wider range of UPSC aspirants.

The tech behind the app

With GenAI-powered technology, PAiGPT delivers instant, real-time, accurate answers from reliable sources. All information is presented in a user-friendly interface in Hindi and English languages. The user can pose questions or upload documents, and PAiGPT guarantees tailored, comprehensive responses to cater to their distinct requirements. 

The model built on multimodal LLM with computer vision capabilities offers a cost-effective solution by minimising resource usage. The bot trained on 600 million tokens, coupled with robust RAG architecture, ensures a high-quality and deep understanding of diverse queries.

Know the developers

Pinak Ai is a company that aspires to build GenAI technology that empowers positive change across domains such as education, healthcare, climate, and agriculture. It intends to build safe and reliable LLMs guided by human values.

PAiGPT is not just a tool, it’s a game-changer in competitive exam preparation. It offers real-time solutions, personalised support, and cost-effective tools. These benefits save time, boost productivity, and enable students to achieve their goals. With PAiGPT, competitive exam preparation in India is set to be revolutionised.

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