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Conversational and generative AI vendor has announced a strategic partnership with Melbourne-based automation consultancy A2B Transformation.


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A2B Transformation helps businesses and contact centre organisations transform their operations by adopting AI.

It will incorporate’s conversational and generative AI solutions as part of its X-Ray service which provides a snapshot of an enterprise’s current operating model and then overlays this with automation and AI to play a significant role in shifting the needle on business performance.’s XO platform applications puts intelligent virtual assistants to work to search and find answers, handing off to human agents. It can be used by contact centres or help desks.

“Our expertise extends across all aspects of effective transformation design and execution and we help companies not only re-engineer their digital operating model but also their human capital, in line with their business objectives,” said Anthony Giannoccaro, CEO and Founder of A2B Transformation.

“Conversation AI has increasingly become a core part of our portfolio given the impact it can make on transforming human engagement within everyday processes.”

“In we found a vendor which is a true market and innovation leader in Generative AI conversational experiences with critical feature rich functionality in understanding sentiment for omnichannel engagement.”

“Cultural alignment with is important to us to ensure our customers are served well and we can deliver outcomes for our clients in transforming their external customer and internal employee engagement,” said Giannoccaro.

Paul Rilstone, Vice President for Australia and New Zealand at, said, “Our partners offer industry-specific expertise and access to the resources required to help enterprises design, build, train, and deploy Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) seamlessly within their business.

“We selected A2B Transformation based on their wealth of skills and experience in customer engagement and operational efficiency which over the years have enabled companies to rapidly scale, accelerate project success and streamline operations.”

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