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Newgen Software Technologies Ltd., a global provider of low-code digital transformation platforms, has announced the introduction of LumYn, a Gen AI-powered hyper-personalisation platform designed specifically for the banking sector aimed at enhancing profitability and improving customer experiences for banks worldwide.


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Since customers in the financial sector are now demanding personalised service and tailored solutions, LumYn is aimed at addressing this need by combining predictive intelligence with advanced conversational AI capabilities. 

This will enable banks to build a hyper-personalised understanding of each customer’s need, behavior, preferences and intent to drive deeper engagements, while ensuring data privacy and security, the company said.

Virender Jeet, CEO of Newgen Software while addressing a press conference said “LumYn is not just a personalised AI platform; it’s a hyper-personalised one, layered with Gen AI capabilities. This means that LumYn goes beyond traditional personalisation by understanding and adapting to customers’ evolving preferences, behaviors, and life stages in real-time.”

Rajan Nagina, Head, AI, Newgen Software said, “This platform’s ability to derive actionable insights from customer behaviors and preferences is a testament to our expertise in banking and cutting-edge AI/ML technology. LumYn will significantly deepen customer engagement and drive business growth.”

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