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NICE has announced Enlighten XM, the most recent addition to its customer experience (CX) artificial intelligence (AI) solution, Enlighten. The cutting-edge technology leverages large language models (LLMs) and deep data memory to offer hyper-personalised customer experiences.


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Enlighten XM marks a new era in CX, offering brands the ability to understand, remember, and adapt to each customer’s unique needs and preferences in a fully contextualised journey. Large language models, enriched with the industry’s most comprehensive set of CX-specific AI models from NICE Enlighten, equip Enlighten XM with a detailed customer data memory, leading to hyper-personalised interactions in real-time.

NICE Enlighten XM enables seamless, richly contextual interactions for NICE CXone customers by recommending the exact point where previous interactions left off. The implementation of this customer interaction memory means that the technology provides instant access to historical interaction insights for both self-service and employee-assisted interactions.

The AI-powered technology builds a comprehensive memory of each customer’s journey, including sentiment, behaviours and interaction history across all touchpoints. Quoting Barry Cooper, president of NICE’s CX division, “NICE Enlighten XM shatters technological limitations on delivering personalised experiences. Empowering brands to deliver on the promise of true personalisation finally allows for stronger relationships and unmatched customer satisfaction. We’re excited to bring this vision to life for our NICE CXone customers”.

The solution boasts extensive capabilities, including 360-degree customer insight, which combines interaction data, metadata, and analytics from the entire CX ecosystem, offering a comprehensive understanding of customers’ history and preferences. Furthermore, Enlighten XM offers an individualised memory graph for each customer, ensuring all interactions are tailored based on a multidimensional historical record. Continuous conversational sync resumes interactions exactly where they left off, regardless of channel or device, enabling immediate comprehension and response to customer needs. Finally, the adaptive personalisation engine dynamically determines the optimal next action or activity in real time based on past performance and brand knowledge.

Speaking about the impact of Enlighten XM, Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research, noted the necessity of such systems in the modern customer experience landscape: “Enterprise decision makers need CX AI that is trained on company and customer-specific data for personalised, effective outcomes. Investing in this approach is foundational to any strategy that differentiates their brand in the Conversational AI era and future-proofs their business operations for years to come”.

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