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Poe, an artificial intelligence chatbot platform, has recently received new funding of $75 million and expanded its functionality. Its developers intend to offer a store for users that will provide access to a wide range of conversational AI models.


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The most important new feature of Poe is «chat with multiple bots», which allows users to interact with several AI models simultaneously in one conversation thread. Poe provides context-sensitive recommendations for comparing bot responses and allows users to invite any bot to chat by simply mentioning it with an @, similar to using Slack.

For example, a user could use GPT-4 for analysis, Claude for creative writing, and DALL-E 3 for image creation — all within the same conversation. Poe aims to optimize how people find the best combination of bots for their needs.

To kickstart the chatbot economy, Poe has introduced monetization tools for creators. Developers can now set the price per message for their bots and also receive a portion of the revenue from Poe subscriptions. Analytics provides bot developers with accurate usage and revenue data to optimize pricing. The goal is to give rise to a new class of operational engineers and bot developers who can make a living exclusively on the Poe platform.

Poe also plans to provide services to corporate clients. Employees will be able to perform work tasks by experimenting with mixing different artificial intelligence models and creating new programs tailored to the unique needs of the company. Poe plans to launch an enterprise subscription level to allow organizations to manage the platform for their employees.

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