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Qatar Airways has launched its holographic virtual cabin crew, Sama 2.0. The AI-powered digital human cabin crew assists passengers in designing curated travel experiences.


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Sama, which means ‘sky’ in Arabic, now possesses advanced conversational AI capabilities, enabling real-time interaction with passengers and will be accessible through QVerse, Qatar Airways’ immersive digital platform, as well as through the Qatar Airways app.

Sama was developed by Qatar Airways in partnership with UneeQ and aims to create benchmarks for personalized and functional service interactions in air travel the airline says.


“This is a monumental point in spearheading the successful synergy between technology and human connection – not only for Qatar Airways, but also for the industry at large,” said Qatar Airways Vice President Marketing, Babar Rahman.


“Qatar Airways affirms its commitment to leading and collaborating with innovation experts to create pioneering products and services for its customers.”

Qatar Airways recently also unveiled its Generative AI experience for personalized travel planning at the Web Summit Qatar. The experience utilizes comprehensive visual interactions and an interactive 3D map to understand customers’ travel preferences, thereby eliminating the need for manual searches. Customers can receive suggestions for their dream journeys across Qatar Airways’ network of over 170 destinations.

“Sama embodies UneeQ’s commitment to blending technology with empathy and personalization, providing an innovative solution that aligns with Qatar Airways’ reputation for world-class service,” said UneeQ Chief Executive Officer, Danny Tomsett.

“She’s a testament to the endless possibilities of AI, capable of delivering personalized and engaging interactions that mirror human conversation.”

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