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RingCentral is transforming RingCentral MVP into an employee experience-focussed platform, “RingEX” that will also leverage RingSense AI.


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According to the cloud communications platform provider, RingEX will “empower every employee in an organization” with intelligent conversation technology to enhance efficiency.

RingSense AI enables AI across meetings, SMS, phone calls, and messaging, such as generative AI conversation searches, real-time call notes, and massaging recaps.

On top of this, RingCentral is adding custom AI to the platform, increasing productivity and business collaboration. This additional AI will be integrated throughout most of its suite, including RingCX, RingEX, RingSense for Sales, and RingCentral Events.

Vlad Shmunis, Founder, Chairman, & CEO of RingCentral, explains the value of adding RingSense AI into the revamped platform: “AI brings a shift from unifying communication modes and functionality to merging employee and customer experiences, and it’s exciting.

“Building on our battle-tested, mission-critical platform, we are delivering AI that is purpose-built for specific use cases to drive tangible value – from enhancing everyday productivity to driving interaction efficiencies.

RingSense AI unlocks data-rich conversations across phone calls, messaging, video meetings, and contact centre interactions to deliver actionable insights that inform more intelligent workflows.

RingSense AI ‘Supercharges Productivity’

RingSense AI gives employees a personal AI assistant that can ‘supercharge productivity’ and produce actionable insights from everyday exchanges.

Interactions by phone will no longer require employees to devote so much time to repetitive manual tasks, allowing them to improve their workflows with their energies being focused on more complex tasks requiring greater creativity and strategic thinking.

RingSense AI for RingEX delivers real-time note-taking via an AI assistant that can also capture questions and action items in real-time.

It also offers conversational intelligence through AI-generated summaries, highlights, contextual awareness, and personalized engagements.

Unread message recaps enable AI-generated summaries of missed team messages in group chats.

AI message writing and translating capabilities mean chat messages can be created using RingSense AI, incorporating the conversational context and the length and style chosen by the user. It also translates messages into French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and English.

Available from this summer, Generative AI search finds information from conversations across SMS, phone, and voicemails. Ai search in chat, email, and meetings will also be on its way soon.

Advanced meeting summaries and insights generate video ‘highlight reels’ and meeting summaries, plus keyword-based clips, summaries, transcripts, speaker replays, and topic lists.

Jim Lundy, Founder & CEO of Aragon Research, outlined the key differentiators of RingCX: “Historically, voice-driven data has been largely inaccessible at scale.

“With RingSense AI, RingCentral is unlocking that data into key insights and action items.

The ability for RingSense AI to create notes in real-time, interpret complex conversations, and dynamically automate action items on behalf of a user, all from a single, consistent user experience embedded directly within RingEX, is what makes this solution unique.

In November last year, RingCentral launched its new CCaaS platform, RingCX, and expanded its offering to include hybrid and virtual events, and conversational intelligence for sales.

The company’s efforts appear to have been rewarded recently through major enterprise communication deals, including a 1,000+ seat contact center megadeal with a Fortune 500 company.

We will soon see what new business RingEX can bring!

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