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Salesforce has released Einstein 1 Studio, a set of low-code development tools that allow Salesforce admins and developers to customize the Einstein Copilot conversational AI assistant for CRM and embed AI functionality into apps.


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Einstein 1 Studio was unveiled March 6. The toolkit features Copilot Builder, for building custom AI actions to accomplish specific business tasks; Prompt Builder, for building custom prompts in the flow of work; and Model Builder, for building and managing AI models. Model Builder allows users to choose from large language models (LLMs) managed by Salesforce or bring their own models.

Last August, Salesforce began offering Einstein Studio to help enterprises connect Salesforce data to any LLM. With Einstein 1 Studio, the name changes and the toolkit becomes available with low-code, customizable functionality that was not previously announced in the fall.

Salesforce said enterprises face critical challenges in unlocking AI across businesses. They need intuitive user interfaces to make it easy to interact with AI in the flow of work, and access to useful AI models and trusted customer and business data to ground AI models and ensure accurate outputs. The Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform integrates the user interface, AI models, and data in a single metadata-driven platform, the company said.

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