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Will iOS 18 finally deliver the Siri we have always deserved?
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Apple reportedly will make Siri’s voice more conversational in iOS 18. Plus, the voice assistant will gain several “proactive intelligence” features that will help in daily life.


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Apple also might collaborate with OpenAI to integrate its chatbot and AI technology into iOS 18.

Siri is reportedly about to get a lot smarter

Over the last few months, multiple rumors indicated that Apple will use AI to make Siri more useful. As a part of this improvement, the company will give its voice assistant a more conversational voice.

More importantly, Siri will become smart enough to auto-summarize your iPhone notifications and transcribe voice memos. It purportedly will provide an AI-powered summary of news articles, among other things, and Apple will market these features as “proactive intelligence.”

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg‘s Gurman revealed that iOS 18’s Photos app will gain AI-powered editing tools. However, these features won’t be groundbreaking and would be similar to those in Adobe apps.

Apple might integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT into iOS 18

While AI chatbots are all the rage, Apple is reportedly not developing one of its own. Apparently, “some of its top executives are allergic to the idea of Apple going in that direction,” says Gurman, especially since incorrect information from them has caused controversies.

So, Apple plans to do the next best thing. It reportedly will partner with OpenAI to integrate that company’s technology into iOS 18. The two companies will formally announce their partnership at WWDC24, according to Gurman, and OpenAI will work on increasing its server capacity to handle the additional load. With OpenAI’s new GPT-4o model packing amazing conversational capabilities, Siri might finally live up to its potential.

Gurman predicted Apple’s first big AI moves will pale in comparison to the competition, in large part because Apple makes large updates to iOS and its other platforms on an annual basis. That makes Apple seem slower than big AI players like OpenAI and Google.

“I don’t expect Apple’s in-house AI announcements to be nearly as impressive as what OpenAI and Google have already showcased,” he wrote. “Apple’s executives have admitted internally that they’re playing catch-up, I’m told. And there’s concern that users will shrug at the new Apple features and not even bother using them. Apple, of course, will position its approach to AI (other than the chatbot) as vastly different than rival offerings.”

Apple reportedly engaged in talks with Google to integrate Gemini in iOS 18 for generative AI features. However, the two companies have yet to reach an agreement.

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