SoundHound AI, Perplexity Collaborate for Next-Gen Voice Assistants in IoT –

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing gradually and across various sectors including chats and image generation. The latest development is in the sector of voice assistants. SoundHound AI, Inc. has partnered with Perplexity to enhance this part.


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Perplexity is a renowned name now as it has emerged as a leading conversational AI-powered search engine. It is believed that SoundHound Chat AI will be very different soon.

The collaboration is basically aimed to integrate online LLM (Large Language Model) capabilities of Perplexity into SoundHound Chat AI to enable the assistant to respond to questions conversationally with real-time knowledge. It is learned that its technology will surely elevate the AI product of SoundHound to new heights. Hopefully, the world will witness most advanced voice assistants.

SoundHound Chat AI will utilize the capabilities of Perplexity to provide accurate and up-to-date responses to a wide range of web-based queries. Users can now ask complex questions to the platform like ‘How does the price of gas this week compare to last week’. It will generate a comprehensive response combining live information on gas prices with detailed context provided.

It is also learned that the SoundHound Chat AI will now seamlessly integrate with navigation software to fulfill user requests like ‘Navigate to the nearest gas station’. It will incorporate data from various sources to enhance user experience.

The voice AI products of SoundHound are backed by about 20 years of expertise in AI, speech recognition and natural language processing. Its proprietary technology ensures speed and accuracy. Users can interact naturally with the voice assistant to access real-time information across diverse domains such as flight schedules, sports scores, music recommendations and restaurant searches.

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