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Sprinklr has announced a new conversational AI offering: Sprinklr Digital Twin.


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The platform allows businesses to build an AI “twin” for the different layers of an organization.

For example, service, sales, and marketing – alongside other non-customer-facing departments – may create their own twin.

Each twin helps automate customer conversations. But, departments may also leverage the platform to create a copilot for employees.

Indeed, Sprinklr offers departments a canvas to develop their own ways of assisting employees.

Yet, instead of building out trees and dialogs, the developer first defines a specific action. Then, they provide the twin with access to data, knowledge, and the relevant systems via APIs.

From there, the twin performs the action autonomously.

Other conversational AI leaders have designed similar conversational AI platform offerings. But, Sprinklr’s stands out for a couple of critical reasons.

First, the twins can collaborate. So, for example, if a customer interacts with the marketing twin and has a question for the service team, it can be routed to the appropriate twin.

Second, each twin does not stay inside one specific application. Instead, they can perform various tasks across many platforms and channels.

In making this point, Aurélien Caye, Lead Solution Specialist at Sprinklr, told CX Today: “The main difference from conventional conversational AI is our platform is omnichannel.

The digital twin can interact with end-users on various platforms, from traditional contact center channels to internal communication platforms, like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and others.

As suggested, the developer can use prompts to orchestrate these cross-channel conversations and actions. The screengrab below, on the left-hand side, offers an example.

Meanwhile, on the right is a screengrab of the UI each department can leverage to develop a persona for the twin that reflects the brand.

The persona is adaptable across use cases, allowing departments to determine an appropriate tone while enabling a more human-like experience.

Generative AI (GenAI) enables this persona creation, and businesses may plug their preferred GenAI model into the Sprinklr Digital Twin platform.

Meanwhile, the business may also test various models and optimize prompts to reduce hallucinations and filter out biases.

In addition, as Caye acknowledges: “You need to set policies to ensure compliance, prevent data leaks, and maintain operational consistency.”

However, Sprinklr allows businesses to get up and running quicker by keeping a human in the loop.

“In copilot scenarios, the twin can assist end-users, but humans still have oversight to ensure accuracy and build trust,” continued Caye. “This feature also facilitates a smooth handover to humans if needed.”

Alongside GenAI, the platform utilizes Sprinklr proprietary AI, which the vendor has developed over many years and received accolades for.

Indeed, its overall conversational AI offering raced into the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms last year. There, it earned “Challenger” status and became the best-performing new entrant.

What Else Has Sprinklr Released?

Alongside its digital twins, Sprinklr has launched Sprinklr Surveys in limited availability.

The innovation starts with an AI-assisted survey builder, which generates questionnaires in seconds by leveraging guidelines and brand assets.

Then, via its omnichannel capabilities, Sprinklr allows customers to distribute these surveys, pool the data, and analyze the feedback.

Sprinklr also combines the collated data with unstructured and unsolicited data from the broader Sprinklr suite.

From there, it detects patterns and clusters of feedback around specific topics and suggests relevant actions for various teams – according to Caye. He summarized:

This approach helps us truly close the loop on the feedback process, identifying actionable insights and recommending steps that can be taken based on the feedback received.

Elsewhere, Sprinklr announced four other innovation solutions.

First is a Crisis Management Solution App, which tracks relevant social media and web activity to detect emerging business issues before they become crises.

Next is Sprinklr VoiceConnect, a contact center connectivity layer that integrates Sprinklr Service – the vendor’s CCaaS platform – and telephony to enable “high-quality” voice interactions.

Then, there is Sprinklr Project Management & Collaboration, which aims to provide marketing with a “single source of truth” to enhance coordination, collaboration, and the overall work experience.

Finally, the CX stalwart released Self-Serve in Sprinklr Social. The offering provides in-app billing so customers can pay for their subscriptions with a credit card via self-service.

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