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Teneo.ai, a brand from Artificial Solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of Teneo Studio 7.4, a groundbreaking update that introduces a suite of advanced Generative AI capabilities designed to revolutionize the development of chat and conversational interfaces. With the integration of the innovative Copilot features, developers can now effortlessly integrate their LLM into their bot, taking chat interfaces to the next level. 

Add Your Own LLM Model: A Unified Development Experience 

Teneo Studio 7.4 redefines the customizability of the development process by allowing the integration of personalized Large Language Models (LLM) directly into the platform. This pivotal feature provides a cohesive and intuitive environment for developers to manage their Teneo UI and account settings, streamlining the incorporation of LLM into the Teneo Studio workflow. 

Generate Class Intents with Precision and Ease 

The Generative AI Copilot in Teneo 7.4 significantly enhances the developer experience by enabling the creation of detailed Training and Testing examples with just a few clicks. Whether through the Studio Web or Studio Desktop, Copilot prompts users to input the desired data for the LLM to use, simplifying the development cycle and boosting efficiency. 

Quicker Entity Capture for More Intelligent Interactions 

Teneo Studio 7.4 also introduces a more streamlined approach to capturing entities – crucial elements in understanding user intents. This update simplifies the generation of Entity entries, which are now instantly added to the list and marked for quick identification, thereby accelerating the development process. 

Diversify Your Output with Answer Variations 

Addressing the need for more dynamic and varied conversational responses, Teneo Studio 7.4 incorporates the Generative AI Copilot feature, which assists in generating additional answers. This innovation facilitates the expansion of response diversity, enhancing user engagement and conversation quality. 

Continuous Improvement and More 

In addition to these remarkable features, Teneo 7.4 introduces Sub-flows and Prompt flows in Studio Web, as well as numerous enhancements that solidify Teneo’s UI as a cutting-edge tool for developers. 

Teneo.ai is committed to continual innovation and providing developers with the most advanced tools to create exceptional conversational experiences. Teneo Studio 7.4 is a testament to this commitment, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in chat development. 

For a comprehensive overview of all the new features and improvements, developers and interested parties are encouraged to review the detailed Release Notes.

Teneo Studio 7.4 is now available. Start transforming your chat interfaces today with the power of Generative AI. 

For more information about Teneo Studio 7.4, visit our product blog or contact us. 

About Teneo.ai 

Teneo.ai is a leading provider of conversational AI solutions, empowering developers and businesses to create intelligent and intuitive conversational interfaces. With a focus on innovation and user experience, Teneo.ai is dedicated to advancing the field of conversational AI and delivering state-of-the-art tools and services. 



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