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TODAQ has announced the public beta launch of TAPPTM (Tap-and-Privately-Pay) and TAPP Conversational CheckoutTM AI sales agents. 


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TAPP is a low-code software payment product that enables instant, one-TAPP payments for content or services without requiring a subscription sign-up or account log-in from the customer. 

According to the announcement, TAPP Conversational Checkout enables personable AI sales concierges that talk or text with the customer in their language, search for what they ask for, display the content or service inside the chat, and allow the customer to instantly TAPP, pay, and receive it, be it movies, music, healthcare services, or educational content.

This was previously not possible, due largely to the significant cost of digital payment processing. Historically, a USD 0.25 payment could easily USD 0.35 to process, rendering a segment of potential customers uneconomical to serve. 

It is now possible for digital content and service providers to serve customers who are willing to pay but unwilling to complete a full account sign-up process or purchase a full subscription. This kind of instant checkout experience has only been available through Apple, Amazon, or other tech giants. However, TODAQ seeks to make it possible for any business to own this functionality independently, and without transaction costs. 

Moreover, the announcement states that businesses can make any content or service micropayable, facilitating new customer experiences such as video previews, payback buttons for rewards and ads, and instant supply chain payments. Customers benefit from seamless integration with banking and payment networks. TAPP digital wallets can be created, authenticated, and funded in seconds. Privacy is built in by design, and users retain control over funds and credentials. Digital trust is established instantaneously through free, open-source asset verifiers, enhancing transparency and security. 

About TODAQ Micro 

TODAQ is a micropayments fintech company offering TAPPTM (Tap-and-Privately-Pay) and TAPP Conversational CheckoutTM. TAPP is a low-code software payment product that enables instant, one-TAPP payments for content or services without the need for subscription sign-ups or account log-ins. TAPP Conversational Checkout enables any AI sales agent to close sales and provide digital content and services inside the chat experience that the customer can instantly TAPP and pay for. TODAQ serves healthcare and education, sports, media, and entertainment, as well as AI, API, and cloud services companies. 

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