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Artificial intelligence platform UG Labs has raised $7 million in funding as it aims to revolutionize children’s gaming experience with conversational AI and voice interactivity.


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By incorporating voice interactivity and conversational AI into its games through proprietary algorithms and data, the company adopts an innovative game design strategy that facilitates open-ended conversations to enhance gameplay.

Through interactions with NPCs, players can delve into unscripted scenarios with an immersive gaming experience tailored for younger audiences while fostering enhanced engagement for all family members. At the heart of UG Labs’ technology lies automated speech recognition (ASR) and large language models (LLMs).

Enhancing gaming for kids

CEO and co-founder Ariel Leventhal underscored the importance of their speech recognition solution, especially in comprehending children whose speech patterns are evolving and whose language skills may be imperfect. Through personalized models for each user, UG Labs aims to promote inclusivity, ensuring that all children can actively participate in their gaming adventures.

UG Labs’ technology exceeds standard voice recognition by prioritizing adaptability and learning from user interactions. This ensures a gaming experience that’s tailored to a user’s language abilities, age, and preferences. Also, the company’s ASR technology supports progression between game levels, maintaining conversational continuity and responses based on past interactions.

Amiti Ventures and MoreVC led the funding round, with contributions from Mediatek and private angel investors.

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