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The technology revolution has led to remarkable advancements and innovative solutions that have tackled several global challenges. What started with televisions and mobile phones turned into the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is transforming multiple industries worldwide.


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The AI revolution began with simple chat boxes that enabled unlimited customers to ask questions and receive prompt responses at any time of the day. However, as the world continues to evolve, decade-old solutions aren’t tech-savvy enough, highlighting the need for cutting-edge developments that seamlessly bridge the gap between digitalization and humanity.

The rise of AI has been a topic of much debate and speculation. While some view it as a game-changing technology that can revolutionize industries, others are skeptical about its long-term impact on the economy and human connections. The primary concern of the latter group is the potential loss of jobs as AI replaces humans in lower-skilled positions. Additionally, many skeptics worry that AI could minimize genuine human interactions, ushering in an era of artificiality and disingenuousness.

Although these concerns are valid, the fact of the matter is that 77% of companies are either using or considering implementing AI into their systems. We’re far beyond the turning point now, and the AI revolution is unstoppable. With groundbreaking ideas that blend the borders of technology and humanity, UNITH offers a lucrative opportunity for investors, especially in the Australian Stock Market (ASX), where UNITH’s (UNT) value is persistently increasing.

Idan Schmorak, CEO of UNITH, commented, “Getting upset at the unstoppable digital revolution isn’t the solution. The way to solve the disconnect between AI enthusiasts and skeptics is to develop fresh, vibrant ideas that offer cutting-edge technology and satisfy the growing hunger for more genuine human connections.”

UNITH, a pioneering company that has successfully merged the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML), has created highly advanced Digital Humans that address the pressing concerns about digitization. UNITH’s Digital Humans can engage users in meaningful conversations, simultaneously solving multiple issues and responding to queries. With UNITH’s innovative technology, businesses can save on cost-prohibitive expenses that come with hiring consultants, preserving the human touch that most people seek in today’s world.

When it comes to the process of creating Digital Humans, companies can customize their persona completely. From choosing the face, voice, personality, and expertise, each Digital Human offers an opportunity for companies worldwide to create their own digital colleague, a persona emanating the desired brand feel.

Clients can choose faces from UNITH’s extensive Digital Human library or customize a fully unique person. Additionally, UNITH enables users to choose between 600 voices in 60 languages, presenting an all-embracing initiative for businesses worldwide. But here’s the real kicker—in case UNITH’s library and personalization options aren’t sufficient, the trailblazing company offers the possibility to clone the face and voice of an existing person.

UNITH is one of the only startup companies in the world that provides cloning and human creation technology. Additionally, existing systems can implement UNITH’s innovative platform hassle-free.

Through customization, clients create a guided user experience that helps customers and employees engage and connect to the brand. Choosing a unique Digital Human that radiates the brand’s voice enables users to understand the company’s message, creating a visually, conceptually, and informationally coherent platform.

Aiming to offer top-notch user experience services that clients can utilize in customer service, marketing, healthcare, and many other fields, UNITH presents clients with an opportunity to train their Digital Human. Customers can choose a close-based data system, providing information related to the business, or open-based data that equips Digital Humans with broader knowledge available online. Through providing relevant information, clients ensure their digital persona strictly follows the set brand voice.

UNITH’s innovative technology has already made its mark in various critical industries, including healthcare, where empathetic and educated Digital Humans have been advising and diagnosing minor health issues. These digital colleagues are fully customizable and can be easily integrated into various industries to answer the calls of struggling customers around the clock every day of the year.

“UNITH is steering away from strict B2B or B2C, introducing a new model—Business to Human. With a focus on preserving meaningful connections in a digital, often superficial world, UNITH’s Digital Humans hold the key to creating a beautiful, seamless fusion of technology and humanity,” expresses Schmorak. “UNITH’s mission is to provide personal experiences while improving the sustainability and scalability of workplaces worldwide. We’ve seen our technology improve many companies already, and we’re excited to witness the magic of Digital Humans on a larger scale.”

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