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The day before Google I/O, Google has posted a tweet showing in action a prototype of a conversational version of its AI Gemini chatbot that uses video input instead of text. Recorded while the crew was busy getting the stage ready for tomorrow’s event, Gemini is asked, “What do you think is happening here?” Quite impressively, Gemini responds, “It looks like people are setting up for a large event, perhaps a conference or a presentation.”
Gemini then asks if there is something in particular that caught the user’s eye. He responds by saying, “Yeah, those big pretty letters on screen. What do those mean?” The response from the AI chatbot, “Those letters represent Google I/O, a developer conference held by Google. Have you ever attended Google I/O?” The user responds, “No. This is my first one. What’s something you’d be really excited to hear?” Gemini answers, “I am always excited to learn about new advancements in artificial intelligence and how they can help people in their daily lives.”

Not only is Gemini responding correctly and appropriately to questions asked, the video shows that the chatbot does a good job when it comes to maintaining a conversation. Google probably felt compelled to rush out this video today since less than an hour after it was posted on “X,” OpenAI announced a similar feature for ChatGPT at no charge on the “X” account belonging to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

OpenAI announced that consumers can get access to GPT-4o (pronounced GPT four-oh) which is faster than GPT-4 and will use inputs from text, images, video, and voice. It’s twice as fast as GPT-4 Turbo at half the price with 5x higher rate limits. Text and image inputs start today in API and ChatGPT with voice and video inputs launching in the coming weeks. GPT-4o will bring GPT-4 intelligence to all users including free users.

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