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Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly transformed from science fiction to a prevalent force shaping our world. AI refers to the intelligence exhibited by machines, particularly computer systems, that mimic human cognitive functions like learning and problem-solving.

One of the most exciting frontiers in AI is the development of conversational interfaces, chatbots that can engage in natural language interactions with users. These chatbots can answer questions, complete tasks, and even provide companionship. Microsoft Copilot stands out as a particularly versatile and innovative conversational AI tool, offering a comprehensive set of features to enhance productivity and explore creative possibilities.

Let’s learn more about Microsoft’s latest push into AI.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is your one-stop shop for AI-powered assistance. It’s an advanced conversational interface that acts like a smart assistant, helping you with various tasks. Think searching for information, generating creative text formats, writing code, and even creating images!

Evolved from Bing Chat: More Features, Wider Reach

Copilot started as Bing Chat, but it’s come a long way. Now, it integrates seamlessly with numerous Microsoft applications, making your life easier. Need to manage emails? Copilot can help with Outlook. Working on a presentation? It can assist you in PowerPoint.

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From summarizing emails to scheduling meetings and crafting documents in Word, Copilot streamlines your workflow within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Integration and Accessibility

Copilot integrates seamlessly with various Microsoft products and services, enhancing the user experience in:

Microsoft 365 Apps (Outlook, Teams, PowerPoint, Word): Streamline tasks like email summarization, meeting organization, and document creation.

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Copilot offers accessibility across a wide range of platforms:

  • Copilot Website: Access Copilot directly through a web interface.
  • Windows 11 Copilot Sidebar: Interact with Copilot directly on your Windows desktop.
  • Bing Search and Mobile App: Leverage Copilot’s functionalities within Bing searches.
  • Edge Web Browser: Utilize Copilot’s features within the Edge browser.
  • Mobile Apps (Android & iOS): Interact with Copilot on your mobile devices.

The base version of Copilot is free to use. However, some advanced features and Microsoft 365 integrations require a Copilot Pro subscription.

Transparency Through Source Links and Model Choice

A notable aspect of Copilot is its emphasis on source transparency. Unlike some chatbots that might provide answers without clear references, Copilot incorporates prominent links to the sources it utilizes. This commitment to transparency helps users verify information and understand the reasoning behind Copilot’s responses.

Furthermore, the mobile app offers users the option to choose between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models, and recently, the improved GPT-4 Turbo model replaced GPT-4 for free tier users. Pro users can still choose the older GPT-4 model if they prefer.

The Various Versions of Copilot

Copilot comes in various flavours, and it may confuse anyone who isn’t keeping up with Microsoft’s advancements as of late. So, here’s a breakdown of the key differences between Microsoft 365 Copilot, Copilot Pro, and Windows Copilot:

Microsoft 365 Copilot: This version is specifically designed for business users and integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 suite (Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, etc.). It focuses on enhancing productivity within these applications by offering features like:

  • Summarizing emails
  • Organizing meetings
  • Creating presentations and documents
  • Answering questions based on your company data
  • Generating different creative text formats tailored to your work needs (reports, emails, etc.)

Copilot Pro: This is a subscription-based version that offers the full range of Copilot functionalities across various platforms, including those of the free versions below. Additional perks of Copilot Pro include:

  • Priority access to new and advanced AI models
  • Seamless cross-device experiences (work started on one device can be continued on another)

Windows Copilot: This is the free version pre-installed on Windows 11. It primarily focuses on basic functionalities that enhance the Windows user experience, such as:

  • Performing system-related tasks
  • Searching for information online
  • Generating creative text formats for personal use (poems, scripts, etc.)


Microsoft 365 Copilot: Requires a Microsoft 365 subscription for full functionality.

Copilot Pro: Requires a separate Copilot Pro subscription.

Windows Copilot: Free to use for Windows 11 users.

In essence:

  1. Choose Microsoft 365 Copilot if you’re a business user seeking enhanced productivity within the Microsoft 365 suite.
  2. Choose Copilot Pro if you want the most advanced features and functionalities across various platforms.
  3. Choose Windows Copilot if you’re a Windows 11 user looking for a basic AI assistant to streamline daily tasks and explore creative writing.

A Work-in-Progress

Despite its advanced capabilities, Microsoft acknowledges Copilot as an ongoing development project subject to the inherent limitations of AI technology. The AI models powering Copilot, including the latest GPT-4 generation, are continuously refined through sophisticated machine learning techniques and vast datasets.

While striving to produce accurate and relevant results, Microsoft acknowledges that Copilot’s responses may not always be instantaneous or entirely perfect. However, the system is designed to learn from user feedback and improve its performance over time.

A Valuable Tool for the Digital Age

Microsoft Copilot presents a significant advancement in AI technology. Its versatility empowers users to improve productivity, streamline tasks, and explore creative avenues.

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