A hopeful vision for the internet and AI: My conversation with Ed Watal, author and founder of Intellibus. Hashtag Trending Weekend February 18th, 2024 – IT World Canada

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Sometimes an interview goes off in a totally different direction than you anticipated. I walked into the studio prepared to interview Ed Watal on the issues of AI and its influence on elections. We were to talk about deep fakes and their impact on voters and explore what we could do about that.


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But our conversation strayed into a different area, one where it was obvious that Ed was as passionate as he was articulate. And for the first time in many weeks, I left the studio feeling what I can only describe as “hopeful.”

Watal is an author, entrepreneur and founder of Intellibus, a community of interested people aiming to make a difference.

You are the judge, not me. But I sincerely hope that you catch even just a little of what I felt after this conversation with this wonderful and articulate person.

Hashtag Trending, the weekend edition presents my interview with Ed Watal, author, teacher, entrepreneur and champion of an internet for all of humanity to share.

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