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Gemini features: Powered by a finetuned version of Gemini Pro | Includes a “Google it” feature | Generates clear text and images quickly | Free


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Gemini is Google’s conversational AI chatbot that functions the most similarly to Copilot, sourcing its answers from the web, providing footnotes, and even generating images within its chatbot. Since its initial release in March 2023, the chatbot has undergone several upgrades, with the latest version being the most optimized it has ever been. 

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The highlight of this chatbot is that it is rooted in Google technology, search engines, and applications, and if you are a loyal Google user, you will feel familiar with the chatbot’s UI and its offerings. For example, unlike most of the chatbots on this list, Google does not use an LLM in the GPT series but instead uses a model made by Google. 

Google has infused the chatbot with so many of its other offerings. For example, you can double-check the validity of an answer simply by clicking on the Google logo underneath the answer. 

If you subscribe to Google’s new ‘AI Premium Plan,’ you not only get access to the most advanced Google models in Gemini, such as Ultra 1.0, but you also get access to Gemini for Workspace, previously known as Duet AI, which infuses Google’s AI assistance throughout its productivity apps, including Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet. 

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