Adobe Acrobat Unveils Generative AI Voice Assistant to Create Conversational Documents –

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Adobe has expanded its generative AI features to Acrobat, creating documents capable of having a conversation. The AI Assistant can summarize a document’s content, answer questions about what it contains, and even suggest further questions raised by the information within.


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Acrobat AI Assistant

The conversational AI Assistant aims to cut down on the time necessary to hunt through especially large reports and papers. Instead, users can ask the assistant any questions about the content or for a summary and notable highlights. The AI can also format citations and in-document links that users can click on to verify the AI’s answers and otherwise navigate the document. Acrobat’s AI Assistant is now available in beta for Acrobat Standard, Pro, and Teams subscribers on desktop and web at no additional cost. Adobe plans to eventually offer it as a paid add-on subscription when out of beta.

“Generative AI offers the promise of more intelligent document experiences by transforming the information inside PDFs into actionable, knowledge and professional-looking content,” Adobe Document Cloud senior vice president Abhigyan Modi said in a statement. “PDF is the de facto standard for the world’s most important documents and the capabilities introduced today are just the beginning of the value AI Assistant will deliver through Reader and Acrobat applications and services.”

Firefly Flow

Adobe has been quick to adopt generative AI in the last year and is working on enhancements to the AI Assistant, like copywriting and editing tools. That fits with the strategy underlying Adobe’s Firefly portfolio of synthetic media models and tools usable in Photoshop and other Adobe products. The company has regularly upgraded and expanded that toolkit, augmenting video, presentations, and website building with large language models (LLMs). By comparison, the Acrobat features seem relatively straightforward. And while the AI Assistant only searches through a single document at a time, Adobe plans to incorporate Firefly to work across multiple documents and document types.

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