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Documents can now be summarized using Adobe‘s new artificial intelligence technology, AI Assistant. An AI document summarizer without requiring the reader to read much of the original content, as per Fox.


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As a reading assistance, the new tool can summarize various documents, including Word, PDFs, and more. Through a conversational interface, users may ask questions about document content in natural language with Acrobat AI Assistant and receive responses.

In addition, it provides users with question suggestions based on the document’s content. When customers buy an add-on subscription for the AI assistant, users can access the whole library of Acrobat AI Assistant products within free Reader or premium Acrobat plans. The $4.99 early access price is good through June 5, 2024.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 13: A sign is displayed on the exterior of an Adobe office on December 13, 2023 in San Francisco, California. Computer software company Adobe will report fourth quarter earnings today after the closing bell.

Its search functions allow users to find important information in long documents. Additionally, the AI assistant might compile data and arrange it into significant insights in a paper that is simple to copy and paste onto other websites. 

The AI Assistant’s unique attribution method allows users to ascertain the source of its knowledge, which may then be corroborated by a patented AI that produces citations for the answers it offers.

Acrobat AI Assistant offers clickable links to help users quickly and effectively find information in longer documents. Users benefit from time savings. Users who have downloaded the Acrobat Reader mobile app can ask the AI assistant questions and summarize documents using voice control.

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New Adobe Generative AI Tools

Adobe keeps releasing new features for its different software. Adobe just added more generative AI tools to Premiere Pro, giving users more ways to improve their video projects by creating material automatically. 

Adobe’s Firefly Video Model, which builds on the success of comparable models used in Adobe’s other creative applications like Photoshop, forms the foundation of these new AI capabilities.

One newly unveiled tool allows users to easily choose and delete undesired objects or sections from their video footage with the object removal and addition feature.

On the other hand, users can easily add new features to those that have been removed, reportedly offering unmatched flexibility in movie editing. This capability is believed to be useful for removing images protected by copyright or enhancing images with additional content.

Adobe’s V4

Adobe also unveiled V4, the most recent version, to improve content workflows for creative projects last week. V4 presents itself as a response to the growing need for video content by providing a platform that centralizes feedback, simplifies workflows, and quickens the delivery of media assets. 

Ahead of the 2024 NAB Show, the new V4 was unveiled as a quick, easy-to-use, adaptable platform for creative collaboration. It is designed to satisfy the changing demands of companies and creative teams that are trying to keep up with the demand for personalized content at scale.

By lowering reliance on disparate tools and systems, V4 seeks to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of content creation and production processes. 

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