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Enterprise conversations are more than simply interactions between colleagues and customers – they are a treasure trove of intelligence that can help drive business success.


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Rich insights into customer satisfaction, process efficiencies, and employee engagement is often buried deep within voice calls, emails, social media, and even chat. Finding, extracting, and acting upon these golden nuggets can enhance an organization’s top-level strategies, agility, and productivity in ways that give them inherent advantages.

Automated conversation analysis has been a thing for a while, but new and evolving AI-powered tools are constantly enabling a faster, smarter, and more valuable understanding of all the ‘who, what, when, and how’ elements of any conversation.

These tools, for example, can help enable organisations to personalize customer communications in highly sophisticated new ways; or to meet increasingly stringent governance requirements more effectively and efficiently.

To leverage this rapidly evolving technology, those organisations and their IT-managed service providers need to identify a technology vendor that has the solutions and the smarts to maximize all these benefits.

“From customer interactions to internal collaborations, every conversation holds valuable insights that can drive strategic decisions and fuel growth. By capturing conversation data from across an entire organization, regardless of the UC platform or channel used, internal and external silos are broken down and the full potential of the data is unlocked,” says Craig du Plessis, Vice President of Analytics at the leading call recording solutions vendor CallCabinet. The latest evolution of their powerful, AI-driven Conversation Analytics platform is the perfect case and point.

“Conversation analytics is proving to be an invaluable tool for companies looking for growth, modernization, and business transformation. Leveraging these advanced technologies and features enables them to be more agile and efficient in today’s highly competitive landscape.”

To date, one of the biggest blockers to effective communication analysis has been the presence of conversation data silos – different departments using different communication platforms, resulting in fragmented data that is difficult to capture and analyze holistically.

In the case of CallCabinet, they solve this challenge by implementing their unique cross-platform agnostic recording capability. This enables them to capture conversation data across an entire organization which could be generated from numerous calling, conferencing, and contact center platforms.  The result? A unified view of communication insights, delivering business intelligence using current and previously unexplored call recording data. CallCabinet enables automated, organization-wide insight access, presented via relevant, customizable, and easy-to-navigate dashboards.

For example, a marketing department may use a customized dashboard to track market reaction to product launches by monitoring specific keywords and phrases from all sales and support calls. These insights allow the department to fine tune its campaigns in line with what its customers are telling them.

“All organizations are unique, and so is the way they collect, use, and interpret data insights,” says du Plessis. “We provide ready-to-use analytics dashboards reflecting voice, screen and video data intelligence, or even deeper, customizable, omnichannel intelligence across additional conversation data sources including email, social media, and chat to accelerate and precisely target specific business insights.

“With a deep granularity of interaction analytics, teams across a business are able to derive more meaningful insights, analyze and query conversations across customer-facing or internal departmental discussions, and ultimately, expedite intelligence-driven decisions to sharpen processes and strategies.”

The latest CallCabinet analytics release offers the ability for users to enter into “dynamic interactions” with the captured data. Intuitive queries and insights can turn complex data analysis into a simplified generative chat; making it easier to find trends and patterns, produce summaries or action items, and explore interaction detail. The platform has also been given a visual makeover, designed for a sleeker appearance, improved narratives, and overall smoother user experience.

After deep collaboration with our customers the last 12 months, along with the advances of AI, it was abundantly clear the direction we needed to continue going was to bring accessibility and the customization of these insights even closer to how businesses wanted to interact with their daily business intelligence,” says du Plessis.

“This latest iteration of our conversation analytics reflects CallCabinet’s serious commitment to providing a flexible self-managed, deeply intuitive, insightful, and actionable analytics platform as the defining element of our solution. It enables a more focused approach for ease of engagement, delivered right to our users’ fingertips.”

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